Choosing Your Rv Rentals is as Easy as 1,2,3! 

Rv Rentals – Pricing, pictures, and available dates are shown on this page in order to make your decision easier. While renting an rv can seem like a big task at first, in reality choosing one of our RV’s and selecting the dates of your vacation is easy as 1,2,3!  At any time, Text Us 24/7 at 760.820.2127 with questions about anything regarding the rv.  And the great thing is, No Mandatory Dumping Fees or Cleaning Fees!  Receive 100 Free Miles each day on most rv’s & its only $.79/mile thereafter.  Park your car for free in our secure lot while you’re on your vacation. Visit our blog to learn more about the rv rentals lifestyle.

About Our Fees

At RvFunRental we do things a little different by giving all the fees up front to be as transparent as possible. We only have 2 upfront fees:

Processing fee– We use this to check drivers license history to make sure only good drivers are using the RVs. This keeps our costs down, thereby passing those savings on to you the renter. This is one of the main reasons why you’ll notice that our prices are the lowest in the region. We also use this fee to process the insurance paperwork required for every rental. Some renters decide they want to use their own insurance company and so we work with their agents to get them free coverage (This is called an Insurance Binder). We find that a small percentage of personal insurance companies don’t insure rvs, so we can offer insurance for $15 a day for those few that can’t get free coverage. But, we always prefer to help our renters get the free coverage if possible.

Prep fee– We use this to prepare the RV for our renters so they can have the best experience possible. We understand for some families, their trip will be one of the only family vacations they’ll have all year, so we feel it’s part of our job to make sure they have the best experience possible. This includes adding chemicals for the tanks to help keep the Rv fresh and clean. We also sanitize the Rv right before pickup as a courtesy.

Almost all RV rental companies charge sewer tank dumping fees and cleaning fees. These fees can add up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Charging mandatory surprise fees like these, goes directly against our mission statement of providing an RV experience that every family of any income can enjoy. So to reduce costs, we simply ask our renters to bring back the RV in the same condition they received it and this keeps our Rv Rentals affordable for everyone.