How Often Can I use my RV?


Of course you want to make as much money as you can from your RV Consignment program but we know you want to get on the road too! Your RV [...]

How Often Can I use my RV?2021-08-25T10:56:48+00:00

What if My RV is damaged in a rental?


We ensure that drivers of your RV are licensed and given an appropriate orientation on the operation of your RV, we know that accidents happen. Our insurance covers damage by [...]

What if My RV is damaged in a rental?2023-08-26T22:39:24+00:00

How Does Insurance Work?


At RV Fun Rental, we take care of insuring your vehicle. So you can rest assured when it is out on a rental earning money for you, it is fully [...]

How Does Insurance Work?2023-08-26T22:39:31+00:00

Save Money on Storage with Consignment


You might be paying money to store your RV - with our Consignment program there are NO storage fees.  Just leave it with us, safe and secure, and we'll take [...]

Save Money on Storage with Consignment2021-08-25T10:38:56+00:00