The reason why Hollywood is in love with Orange County is its exotic locations and surreal beauty which is hard to find anywhere else in the world. 

So far, OC has served as the perfect shooting location for- ‘American Horror Story’, ‘That Thing You Do’, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Beaches’, and many more. Also, it is easily available for travelers who are comfortable traveling on rental RVs in Orange County that makes this place a preferred spot. 

Now when the entire Hollywood has been gushing over Orange County’s beauty, why you’re left behind?

Check out some of the famous hiking trails to consider:

Quail Hill Loop –

Expanded in 2.8 acres of area, Quail Hill Loop is situated in the Irvine’s Vast Open Space Preserve City. To reach here without facing much hassle, you can go for rental RVs in Orange County. If you are going there for the first time, don’t forget to carry a cellphone to listen to a self-guided podcast throughout your hiking trip.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve- 

This hiking spot covers around 1300 acres area making it a perfect spot for family and friends. There are different habitats including freshwater marsh, open water, coastal dunes, riparian, mudflats, seabird nesting islands, salt marsh. 

Just in case, you’re traveling on a rental RV in Orange County with a personal guide; you can get to know about the minutiae details like- what is the best time to visit here, what belongings are necessary, etc.    

EL Moro Canyon- 

If you are in love with mountain biking, wildflowers, beaches, horseback riding, then you are going to love hiking at EL Moro Canyon which is a 5 mile long yet pleasant journey. Here, the tour starts from EL Moro Visitor Center and ends at the same point.

The most adventurous part of this loop trail is 800 feet elevation which when climbed lets you see the most surreal view of the vicinity. If you are planning to rent an RV from Orange County & take it till the hiking spot, you may need to pay some nominal parking charges of nearly $15.

Top of the World-

If you are one of those lazy lads who doesn’t find walking on long trails exciting yet wants to feel like on the top of the world then this hiking trip is made for you. It is hardly 2.4 miles with an elevation of 862 feet to satiate your lure of experiencing some adventure. But make sure you are not planning to visit here just after the monsoon.

All these locations are reachable via rental RVs in Orange County. All you would require is a local personal guide to accompany you, but that solely depends on your convenience and preference. 

To know more about such must-to-visit spots at your favorite travel destination, stay tuned with us!