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What is Burning Man?

This is an annual event that takes place in a week. It is full of experimental arts as well as music festivals which take place in the desert of Nevada. Some people decide to create camps as well as use tents, but you a can opt for a more comfortable and popular means by renting an RV – Click here to get a quote for a Rv Rental for your next vacation wherever you want to go!

Burning man event is when thousands of people come from many places to come see in Black Rock City, Nevada. A lot of people come into the desert to witness this event. Although it is an interesting one, the desert can be really harsh. People tend to start looking for the Burning Man RV Rentals to get comfy. And you’ll find some some great rv rentals in southern California, San Diego, and Orange County to get you to the Black rock desert.

What rates can I get for the burning man RV rental?

When negotiating a price for renting an RV for the burning man, it would solely depend on the kind of service you want. Here are rates you would most likely get for an RV rental on an average when going to burning man for an rv rental.

  • Class A rental burning man Price average range $5,000-$10,000
  • Luxury RV rental burning man Price average range $5,000 and above.
  • Basic RV rental burning average range $4,500-$7,500

Here are a few Burning man RVing Tips to help you.

Unlike other forms of camping, Burning man RV camping is a lot more experienced. But keep in mind it’s not all magical as you are in the desert and are bound to experience some trying moments at some point. So when you get to the desert or embark on your journey, you need a few tips to help you survive which include

Best Rv Tips for Burning Man Rv Rentals:

  1. Remember your generators can drain your fuel supply, so avoid using your generator everything you need to cool off as there are other ways to improvise.
  2. You can opt for solar power if you want to charge your batteries. When you rent an RV however, avoid drilling holes in it, instead look for an RV with the feature.
  3. Dust can damage your RV in so many ways to make such it is always clean and free from dust especially when you return it. You can prevent dust by sealing up crevices and also switches with a painters tape. You can also use air-con filters to protect vents and ensure if your rental package involves a cleaning package.
  4. Be very mindful of the wind when it comes with parking your RV. Burning man RV usually recommends parking your RV just at the edge of your campsites, so as to act as a wind barrier for rent campers. And not only would they be grateful for this act, but they would also help you keep an eye on it for you when you are away.
  5. Remember to always conserve your water. There are ways to conserving your water, and these tips are offered by doing it yourself RV. Remember that dumping tanks are prohibited and since RV service is quite expensive, try using campground toilets more.
  6. Your electricity usage should be kept to a minimum, and you should unplug items you wouldn’t be needing in a moment. Also, remember the solar energy option.
  7. Avoid any leaks on your RV as you would be held responsible for it. Be it oil, tanks or any other form. So try your possible best to avoid it happening.

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Burning man offers you an incredible experience for you and also giving you an opportunity to learning new things as well as giving you a fun opportunity – burning man rv rental. When embarking on a journey such as a burning man event, always prepare ahead of time to make it worth your while -burning man rv rental. And remember to keep your RV clean when you’re renting it as cleaning services could be expensive, and you also don’t want to lose your deposit – burning man rv rental. And lastly, always remember to have fun – burning man rv rental!

 Top Tips for Surviving the Desert at Burning Man 2019! A Burning Man RV Rental Might be the Option for you!