Are you up for a vacation away from your cozy and comfortable home? Saying this not to spoil your mood but to spark interest in decorating your RV rental in California.

Inside view of RV showing seating area

Most people ignore the RV interiors if the trip is short. Pretty acceptable. But if you are traveling for a long time, then having the homely feel is all the more necessary.

Herein, this blog will shed light on 5 such quirky tips that will make your RV rental, a paradise of your dreams away from the actual home. Without much ado, let’s begin:

1.    Lit Your Space Around

All the RV rentals in California are equipped with suitable lights and fixtures to your comfort. However, switching to LEDs, or standing lamp posts etc. are a preferred option.  They not only optimize the indoor light as per your mood and preference but notch up the decor element. For instance, you can have fairy lights on your curtains or bedside just to set the perfect mood.

RV parked

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2. Splash Colors You Want

Do not take it literally! Add curtains, quilted wall hangings, rugs, wall carpets and other similar decorations to create a perfect ambiance of your home.

Create a distinct feel where you will be spending upcoming weeks without affecting the aesthetics in your coveted RV rental in California.

Avoid vibrant colors and instead play it subtle with some soothing hues. For instance, blue spreads positivity, orangesparks creativity etc.  You can also experiment with different patterns to bring the feel of camping!

3. Be Eco-friendly

How about having some indoor plants in your RV rental in California? There are countless options to clean the indoor air while adding natural beauty with special plants, succulents and more.

Be careful that they are calculatively watered and not drowned. Place them near the windows to get decent sun light and let them sparkle with joy!


4. Travel But With Memorabilia

Your RV rental in California is going to be your home for some time. Do not fill it with so much of the stuff that there is no space for your treasured trove of memories – photographs, stuff toys, personal gifts etc.  Keep things closer which have emotional value to you.

5. Drive But Not Without Passion 

Traveling on RV rental in California is fun as well as exciting. However, that nowhere means you have to part ways with your hobbies or personal interests.

How about making some special space on the wall for your guitar? Or your paintings?  Let your inner artist breathe within as well as beyond the walls.

In the end…

Though you may not be able to move in a lot of stuff, make judicious use of the available space in RV rental in California. Add things that are not just of use but flares up the elegance around you.

Having given all the suggestions,  seek the permission of the owners RV Fun Rental before you plan to make some doable changes in the interiors. Give a quick look to our fleet of RV rentals to find the perfect vehicle.

Make the most of your time in California with our ultra exclusive and fully furnished RV rentals as you make next traveling plans!

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