So, when the day temperatures are marching towards the optimum level, it is a picturesque time to skip your daily hustles & stresses and to go on holiday.

In the depth of every vacation with kids, friends, and relatives, the end result is to bring home happy memories for life.

To achieve this, you must make the trip journey even more special with regards to the destination.

Renting a recreational vehicle could be the answer as it serves a variety of benefits to families going out for a vacation. These advantages include saving big money, greater convenience, having a pleasurable time in the outdoors, more flexibility, and educational experiences for both you and your kids.

But, before you hop over the Worldwide Web to search for the nearest RV rental service provider, it is important to look into several things to have a smooth and unforgettable journey. So, let’s check out the five things not to overlook when seeking an RV on rent-

Quantum RV Front driver angle

Tip1: RV Rental Deposits

Before the recreational vehicle arrives at your place, you’ll have to make an initial deposit upon the reservation. The amount of reservation varies from one RV rental service provider to another. The money you’ve given as the initial deposit for reservation is minus from the final cost of renting a recreational vehicle. The other type of deposit for renting a recreational vehicle is the security, which is pre-requested by just about every local RV hire agency. The security deposit is 100% refundable, and the deductions are only made if the vehicle has incurred any sort of damage.

Besides the security and reservation deposit, some RV rental can charge you additional fees in the name of insurance, and this is an excellent way to ensure complete peace of mind.

Tip2: RV Rental Prices

Just like the prices of hotel rooms and flight tickets booking, the prices of RV rental surges during the shoulder months of the year, such as Christmas or the spring. Also, the greater the seating capacity of the recreational vehicle is, the higher the daily rental fee. Additionally, the daily fixed rental price, you’ll be charged for every mile you travel in the rented recreational vehicle. So, it is pivotal to plan out your vacation well ahead of time to avoid hefty bills when you return home.

Tip3: RV Parking

While, parallel car parking in a metropolitan area takes years of practice, but recreational vehicles are big & heavy, therefore parking them is another level of challenge which you got to keep in mind when renting one for your upcoming family escape.

The first thing you got to be pretty clear is that not all places will allow or have enough parking space to accommodate a recreational vehicle. Want to have dinner at your favorite restaurant or a family spot, make sure you call the place well in advance to know whether they have the facility to park a recreational vehicle or not. If you are able to find a parking space, ascertain it is on the ground level; otherwise, you are going to find yourself into big troubles.

Tip4: Be Ready To Deal With the Dirty Toilets

The not-so-glamorous aspect of renting a recreational vehicle is cleaning up the toilet, if you want to avoid overflowing, unhygienic toiletry and not mention the foul smell. Dumping of the excrement require an extra bit of care, such as using surgical gloves, and you would probably have to hold your breath for a few moments if you want to avoid adding to the dump in the form of vomit.

Tip 5: Gas Mileage of a Recreational Vehicle Can Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Last on the list but not the least, the gas mileage of the recreational vehicles isn’t great as it is somewhere around 8 to 10 km per gallon. So, you will plan the budget of your trip accordingly, instead of getting surprised with the high invoice.


Apart from the above, there are many other facets to must mull over when thinking about getting an RV on rent. These include budgeting more than you think you need, finalizing the size of RV, and checking out passenger seating arrangements.