Recreational vehicles are like a home away from home, and that best part, they are on wheels. So, you get to explore the aesthetics of nature and man-made wonders.

There are so many advantages to renting a recreational vehicle. Just for a few seconds, imagine you are stuck in a massive jam for two hours, but thankfully, you and your kids were traveling in an RV, so you are able to have a little family talk over food. Furthermore, with an RV, you get the freedom to stopover anywhere and anytime, no restrictions, because the RVs provide comfort just like your home.

But, you jump the gun & seek out for a trustworthy recreational vehicle service provider near you, let me introduce you to the different types of RVs.

Tent Trailers

RV with tent and lawn chairs

The tent trailers are a type of recreational vehicles best suited for lovers of camping. A tent trailer comprises a trailer box that serves a storage unit to keep all camping & cooking equipment. Also, there is additional lift-out space for sleeping and having a comfortable time with kids. The tent trailers are compact, and not-so-heavy, unlike the other RV varieties, therefore can easily be towed even by smaller vehicles. Based on the size, type, and bonus features, the RVs are available in a multifold of options you can choose to have the comfort you are in pursuit of.

Camper Trailers

The camper trailers are the updated version of tent trailers, and the latter one is simply a tent that pulls out the trailer onto the ground. In comparison to the tent trailers, these are far more comfortable and convenient. The trailer of this recreational vehicle provides comfortable sleeping space and can either be towed away by 2WD or 4WD vehicle. They are more affordable and safer to hire compared to other popular types of recreational vehicles. In terms of fuel consumption, there is no other efficient option. With a camping trailer, one can easily have extra sleeping space by the addition of awnings. And, the best part, they are quick to get started and pack up.

Pop-Top Caravans

The pop-top caravans are very much similar to the conventional caravans, has all the popular features, but offer better fuel efficiency, which makes it a preferable choice. Because of its low profile built, a pop-top caravan is much easier to tow and can significantly counter the wind drag when on the road. The top section of the pop-top caravans is raised to provide pop-up-Top Caravans full-head space. The best part about these RVs is that they are quite easier to tow and comes with undercover storage.

Class A Motorhomes

Being the largest recreational vehicle type, the Class A Motorhomes are the most expensive and lavish thing to get for an exquisite traveling experience. These RVs are powered either by gasoline or diesel. Typically, this category of RVs are 7-14 meter long, equipped with the most up-to-date amenities for a lavish, unforgettable journey. But, renting a Class A Motorhome and burn a big hole in your pocket.


  • Plenty of Cargo Storage
  • Luxury Amenities


  • Intimidating to Drive
  • Expensive to Rent

Class B Motorhomes

These class B Motorhomes are driven on a driver’s license and typically used as a passenger vehicle. These RVs have a compact fit-out on a pop-top van or high-roof. The many features of a Class B Motorhome include a cooking place, an eating space, ample sleeping area, and en-suites in high-end models.


  • Easier to Drive
  • Simple Campsite Setup
  • Less Costly in Terms of Fuel


  • Limited Amenities
  • Less Spacious Interiors
  • Low Storage and Cargo Areas

Class C Motorhomes

RV with slider extended

With 20-30 meter long, the Class C Motorhomes are mid-size RVs. A Class C Motorhome is built on top of an existing truck, and are best suited for small-to-medium vacationer groups. While most of the advantages of Class C Motorhomes are similar to Class A, and with the added perk of the low rental cost.


So, which RV will suit your needs? Recreational Vehicles are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and classes, talk to on RV rental company for the best advice to help you make the right decision.