With a new season, comes new hopes and new goals. Likewise, winter brings beautiful snowy scenes and fun outdoor activities. From skiing and snowmobiling to hunting, there is a lot for you to explore with your loved ones even if the temperature is absolute zero.

If this is your idea of spending time during the winters, get ready to enjoy the great frosty outdoors.

However, before you explore the winter wonderland in San Diego, it’s imperative to first find the ideal RV rental vehicle that matches your vacation preferences. Here are some things you must keep in mind while venturing out into the cold:


  • Invest in compact portable electric heaters that are safe, cost-efficient and, work well. Place a couple of them around your camper to warm-up space.
  • Most likely, your camper will have a furnace that operates on propane. Do not forget to pack propane. In icy conditions, your furnace will run throughout the day and night, which uses quite a lot of propane.
  • Put a skirt on the RV. Skirting goes to the bottom of your RV and thwarts cold drafts from getting beneath the surface. With a skirt, you will use less propane, and your power costs would be less too.
  • Insulate your windows with big bulky curtains. They keep it warm for the travelers and the cold out.
  • Moisture is imminent when you are RVing in winters. A dehumidifier works wonders. It is the best way to make you stay dry.
  • Bring heated blankets as they will keep you comfortable and warm all night long. Sleeping in an insulating bag is an excellent way to stay warm.
  • Even if you are going skiing, excellent-quality base layers and high-quality coats will keep you toasty.

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  • Don’t use hay, although it does keep the warmth but also brings in tiny critters such as mice and insects. So, if you don’t want to share your RV with those little creatures, steer clear away from the hay.
  • Don’t be scared of the chilly climate. Just bring the necessary equipment. Embrace the romantic weather, enjoy with your closed ones, and it will be worth it once you have finished preparing.
  • Don’t seek a campsite which is not exposed to the sun. Let the heat of the sun’s rays warm your RV during the day and let your heater take a break.
  • Don’t forget to use wiper fluid specially designed to withstand the winter cold.
  • Don’t store any water hoses with water in them. If you need to use it, it will be frozen. You can take it inside to warm up or use a hairdryer.

There you are! Camping in winters comes with its own perks and challenges. There is not too much you need to do to make a comfortable stay. All you need is planning while hiring the RV rental vehicle and comparing the prices, so you make the informed decision. This allows you to enjoy a memorable stay amidst the beautiful attractions of San Diego.