Something is fascinating about being able to take off in RV and explore the world around at your own pace.

No RV is 100% perfect. Even if you get everything right, you will still end up with an RV that might need some modifications. Fortunately, there are myriad ways to customize an RV to meet your own needs perfectly.

Giving a personal touch to your RV space comes pretty easy as you invest in its accessories. Finding the best ways to indulge in comfort and luxury on the road is as essential as where you are headed to, who you are going with, and what travel thrills await on your itinerary.

Whether you are creating your RV from scratch or customizing a model, these are the cool hacks for upgrading your RV:

Add entertainment, comfort and visual upgrades with a few simple steps:

1. LED Lights

It is a must addition to your RV. LEDs are not just energy efficient but enhance the aesthetics of your personal space too. They save battery power than fluorescent lights. LEDs are also useful in storage compartments and pantries for finding essentials when it gets dark. 

The LED lighting gives your RV a stylish look with so many color and brightness options. They last longer and saves money too.

Pro Tip: You dont need a professional to install LED, it is easy to do it yourself. All you need is a double-sided tape and command hooks. There, you go!

2. Solar Panels

Like a lot of RV rental companies in San Diego looking to use solar panels, RVers are being really determined as to how they would install panels on their own. If you want to reap more out of dry camping, it makes sense to invest in panels as they are cost-saving too.

Solar panels come in varied sizes and styles. You can pick according to your travel journey requirements.

Pro Tip: Better manage your expenses and fix your electricity rate by investing in solar panels.

3. Headphone Jacks

Traveling with your family and loved ones can be overwhelming. Getting some peace and ‘ME’ time is necessary from time to time. Install Headphone jacks throughout the RV vehicle so everyone in the family can entertain themselves without driving each other crazy.

4. TV Dishes

If you dont want to miss your favorite Rugby match or Netflix series, fitting a TV dish is a great option. Antennas are easier to fit in RVs, providing you access to the Mobile Television Service (MTS).

If you are traveling across San Diego or its nearby locations, you will not miss your daytime soaps.

Pro Tip: You can get these at much cheaper prices during the time of purchase.

5. Weather Station

When you are going on a road trip, an indoor weather station is a must-have accessory. These devices alert you on current weather conditions – extreme weather alerts, humidity, temperature. 

Weather stations are directly linked to radio stations and weather satellites so no matter what happens, you will not miss the weather update.

Pro Tip: Check the batteries before you leave for the trip when using the station, so it does not drain out during the journey.

To Sum It Up,

While Investing in RV of your dreams gives a sense of great accomplishment, but upgrading it all together with cool accessories can get you even more than you can imagine. Consult RV Fun Rental  to get equipped with all the viable information.

Text Us 24/7 at 858-245-0936 with questions about anything regarding the RV rentals you’re looking for an unforgettable traveling experience.

As you unleash your creativity towards upgrading those key components, you would experience the epitome of comfort and luxury as it blends.