Has the upcoming spring break got you all excited for your next road trip? So, you are planning a weekend getaway or a whole summer adventure with your friends or family! An RV rental lets you enjoy your trip serenely without renouncing the comfort and amenities of your home.

You can explore endless opportunities to have fun without having to fret about the living arrangements.  Our RV rental can accommodate up to 10 persons without blowing your budget. However, an RV trip is fun only if you feel safe and secure.

While there are some safety measures like carrying a first aid kit or repair toolkit, there is no harm in going extra mile for the safety of your loved ones. There is no argument that an open road is a dangerous place and a lack of proper planning and safety measures can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Although you cannot evade every issue that comes your way, these tips will surely help you to avoid some of them.

Stay Connected

Ensure that your smartphone enables you to make emergency calls hands free. Your smartphone is vain without battery and an internet connection, so invest in a good battery backup and mobile wifi hotspot keeping in mind the location of your camping.

Although all our RV rentals are hooked up on solar power, but there is no harm in carrying a backup. Invest in a GPS enabled messenger device that can alert your loved ones about your location.

Get Familiar with the Emergency Exits

Travellers often ignore emergency exits but they can prove to be life savers in case of fire or accidents. Devise an emergency plan of exit beforehand in case you need to get out of your RV rental. Practice makes a man perfect, so ensure that you practice the procedure to get familiar with the situation.

Invest in a folding escape ladder that takes up minimal space. You can connect it to your RV rental bedrooms to escape any hazardous situation rather than jumping out of it.

Always Carry a Fire Extinguisher

Fire is a common concern amongst travellers whether you are cooking for your family in the luxurious kitchen of your RV rental or enjoying a barbeque at the campsite. A fire extinguisher is an inexpensive tool that comes in immensely handy to tackle such situations. Our RV rentals are preinstalled with a fire extinguisher to ensure the safety of your family.

Get a Backup Camera

Driving a massive RV rental is slightly different than your ordinary car and if you are a beginner then you might face some issues before you get used to certain tasks like reversing or maneuvering corners. Rear view backup cameras are a great way to tackle those tricky driving situations. All of our RV rentals include a free binder insurance even so that such incidents do not cause a hindrance while you are exploring the beautiful sites.

RV rentals is an ideal option to make the most out of your trip. If you are a beginner and distressing about an RV rental being too expensive, no need to fret as we offer 1st Timers Renter Discount. So don’t contemplate and contact us at 858-245-0936 to discuss your travelling needs and queries with our experts.