Do you have any plans of having an RV rental vacation? We are very pleased to let you know that you can have the best RV vacation for your pet only with luxury rv rentals that RV Fun Rental provides.

At RV Fun Rental, we also love pets just as you do. We know full well that you also want to include your pets – dogs, cats in your vacation. For this reason, we have made it possible for you and your entire family to enjoy your vacation through our RV Fun Rental policy (pet-friendly). Our only requirement is that the RV Fun Rental should be returned to its initial condition. RV Fun Rental services have made this so easy.

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There is nothing that can be compared to RV for convenience and relief when we are talking about pet-friendly lodging. There are also some amenities which have been provided for the sake of dogs by a lot of RV parks. Some of these amenities include dog runs (fenced-in), walking trails, and areas for open play.

Before attempting to book lodging for your pet, ensure that you are well acquainted with the rules of the park. For instance, there are some breeds of dogs that are not accepted in some parks. Some parks do not feel comfortable with bigger dogs. Some parks will tell you that your dogs must always be on leashes. To make things much easier for you, give the park prior information about the pet you are bringing in. This will make you see and understand how friendly their lodging policy is.

More info about RV Pet Vacations

Now, let us assume you have already made lodging plans for your pet. What is the next step? Take your time and browse the internet to find interesting activities and amenities that have been put in place just for your RV (dog-friendly) vacations. Below are some highlights.

  • Canines enjoy the cruise they receive for a whole 90 minutes on Sundays along the lakefront of Chicago by RV Fun Rental.
  • Your canine can also be taken for kayaking on the lake Tahoe of California
  • The ocean beach of San Diego which seems to be the home of the most famous of all Dog Beaches can be found in the northern area of the beach. Here, dogs are free to roam however they want
  • Some well-known amusement parks like Busch Gardens, Disneyland, and Sea World provides pet lodging for a short period
  • In national parks, there are restrictions on the areas where your dogs can be, while there are a lot of pet-friendly areas in some other destinations. Pets placed on leashes are allowed on the trails that are very close to the south rim and developed areas of the Grand Canyon. In some other parks like Maine’s Arcadia, dogs on leashes are only allowed at a distance of 45 miles (carriage roads).


Dogs love our rv rentals!

Choosing RV Fun Rental is the perfect way of including your pets in your vacation. With RV Fun Rental, you and your whole family will be there. You can contact us at any of our many locations around the world and place your bookings today for RV rental.