We know that your pet is being regarded as a member of your family. So, anywhere you go, we encourage you to take them along. At RV Fun Rental, we provide a comfortable and convenient pet-friendly lodging either for a weekend camping or a full family vacation.

Indeed, bring along the leashes and treats to enjoy your vacation with the whole family including your pets in our motorhome(s). Your additional family member which is your pet will indeed be happy with the freedom it will have while traveling together with you in our motorhome. We do not use cages!

Also, do not be afraid of paying an additional fee because we will not ask you to pay extra. Our only requirement is that the RV should be returned in its initial condition and you also do some cleanup. You may be charged for standard cleaning.


puppyIdeas for RV (pet-friendly) vacation

Also, you might begin to think that there are limited places where you can travel with your pets by making use of RV.  But the truth is that there are a lot of places where you are allowed to bring your pets along. Any RV camper that is ready to follow the same rules which he observes at home together with his pet will not have a problem while on a vacation with his animal.

Our commitment here at RV Fun Rental is to make sure that pet owners traveling by RV enjoy their trip with their animals on the road. The ideas stated in this article will prepare you ahead of your plans to go on a vacation with your pets. Keep reading and enjoy your traveling/vacation.

National parks that allow pets

Indeed, if you are ready to abide with the rules, most of our national parks in this nation are pet-friendly. Generally, if you are allowed to bring your pets to the natural areas of the park or trails, you must put your pet on a leash that is no longer than 6 feet. Below are examples of our national parks where you and your pets can enjoy nature.

List of national pet-friendly parks

Pet-friendly family destinations

There is another way you can enjoy your family RV vacation. This other way to enjoy it is by traveling along with your animal to a destination that offers to lodge for your pets and allows you to play around. A very good and important rule to consider while you make plans for your vacation is to read the website of the amusement park to know if kennels are available. Try the amount they charge for lodging, and also check if reservations are being taken or not.

Special facilities where your dog can be taken proper care of while you are enjoying yourself in the park.

In California amusement parks there is a lot of pet lodging that has been made available for visitors. Among them,  the ones that are mostly loved by people are Disneyland. It is situated in Anaheim, Universal Studios located in Hollywood, and SeaWorld that has its location in San Diego.

Pet-friendly camping resorts

Another way RV campers can enjoy their vacation together with their pets is to make plans of traveling to a luxurious camping resort that allows pets. One important tip to have in mind is that a lot of KOA campgrounds are made to accommodate dogs.

Below are some destination ideas that can help you plan your next trip: