4 European Destinations to Visit in Your Motorhome

RV trips are an incredible fun; one gets the freedom to explore the mystical beauty of nature, culture, and traditions. It presents a luxury travel experience at a much lower cost than hotel rooms. 

RV rentals are comfortable, and the best part is that you can make your own schedule. 

Before you commence searching for the best RV rental company, here we’ve rounded up four top European destinations to visit in your campervan. 

So, let’s check it out. 

#1 Samos-Kokkari, Greece

#1 Samos-Kokkari, Greece

A small village island in Greece is known for its majestic natural sites and legends history. It was home to renowned philosopher Epicurus, astronomer Aristarchus, and Pythagoras,  father of mathematics. It is an island of overwhelming vegetation. 

Everything about this virgin landscape is charismatic and captivating with the fusion of color and light. Here you get so much to explore, set on the journey of imposing mountains like Mt. Kerkis, Mt. Ambelos, etc. or see the caves and canyons that remind of the Greek culture.

#2 Rothenburg, Germany

#2 Rothenburg, Germany

If you are on a journey to immerse yourself into medieval life, then Rothenburg is waiting for you with open arms. Visiting Rothenburg is like taking a ride to several secure sites of the Middle Age. 

As you travel through the byways and highways of this town, you can easily discover the visible evidence of the bygone age. 

The lovingly restored house fountains, street signs, fountains, bay windows, and gables are so unique about Rothenburg.

#3 Preko, Croatia

Preko, Croatia

Another not-so-popular European destination to stopover during your RV trip is Preko in Croatia. This town is a hidden gem, where you can experience, mind-soothing Mediterrane atmosphere, which makes it a perfect vacation spot to unhook yourself from all your life stresses and worries. 

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Zadar Channel, try the delectable local cuisine, and not forget the exclusive wine range. The typical Dalmatian architecture is like the icing on the cake. 

#4 Bohinj, Slovenia

Bohinj, Slovenia

Bohinj is a beautiful and unique destination to set foot-in, in the entire Slovenia, the Alps, and Europe. This town is well-known as the heart of the Julian Alps. Lake Bohinj is the major attraction in Bohinj as it is the biggest lake in Slovenia. 

The 24 villages dwelling in this town offer a journey to our past; the setting is truly astonishing.

Let’s Wind Up

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