How Much Is It To Rent An RV?

RV rental prices in San Diego range from just $165 for small pop trailers to $480 per day for large diesel pusher class A RV’s. As you see below, they are affordable and fun for your whole family.

At RV Fun Rental, we try to make RV rental prices in San Diego attainable for all families. This enables families to enjoy multiple vacations per year with low-cost RV rentals so you can travel in style.

We’ve had hundreds of families rent from us over the years and show no signs of slowing down as we are one of the most trusted rental sources in the industry.

Affordable RV Rentals and Exploring San Diego’s Coastal Gems

We aim to provide affordable RV rental rates so you can experience the exciting lifestyle of RVing, something every family should enjoy in their lifetime.

One of our favorite locations to explore is San Diego California and its surrounding areas. These cities offer a wide variety of food and attractions.

If you are just starting then we recommend Oceanside California as your starting point for your adventures.

Get The Best RV Rental Prices In San Diego and Go Explore

Enjoy the California coastline just a few miles from our rental lot. Simply park your car in our secure, gated lot and drive off in your vacation RV!

Visit the Oceanside Pier, the longest pier on the West Coast, or go whale watching from the harbor, paddle SUP boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, etc.

The weather is great all year and the people are friendly as this small town is full of life.

Living The RV Lifestyle

What’s it like to live the RV lifestyle? For starters, it’s all about Freedom and Mobility. It’s simply one of the biggest draws.

Living in an RV often encourages a minimalistic approach to life. RVers learn to declutter and prioritize the essentials, leading to a simpler and more streamlined lifestyle.

If you love nature, RVing is definitely for you. Many RVers are drawn to the outdoor lifestyle and the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.

RV parks, campgrounds, and boon-docking (camping without hookups) allow them to experience the great outdoors while still having the comforts of home.

While RVs require an initial investment, the RV lifestyle can be more cost-effective than maintaining a traditional home, especially for those who enjoy frequent travel.

Camper Van Rental San Diego Pricing

Camper Vans have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a unique and versatile way to travel in style and comfort.

These compact vehicles combine living quarters with transportation, providing a cozy and self-contained home on wheels.

Unlike traditional Motorhomes or Travel Trailers, Camper Vans are typically built on a van chassis, making them more maneuverable and easier to navigate through urban areas and tight spaces.

Some models prioritize living space, while others focus on maximizing storage and outdoor gear.

With their compact size and off-road capabilities, Camper Vans are ideal for adventurers seeking to venture off the beaten path.

Reach out to us today so you can explore tomorrow!