Being an avid traveler, if you have a home to go to this year, you’re highly lucky. Not everyone has this luxury during these scary times, the COVID-19 storm which is not willing to stop.

The virus seems to have STOPPED the time altogether. Even if not infecting everyone physically, mentally, it has squeezed many aspirations, be it for travelers or others.

Perhaps, those who are stranded in a rented RV anywhere in San Diego or other cities, the situation is a little less challenging for them. There are so many reasons— they can practice social distancing well, enjoy leisure activities in the comfort of their moving home, and, above all, they are in a safe space. Pretty much, it’s a luxury, which doctors, nurses and police officers can’t afford at this time.

Till now, there have been around 17,663 positive cases of Coronavirus in San Diego alone. It’s probably time to shun the panic and be prepared to fight the current situation with grace and calmness.  

Keeping the alarming facts into consideration, we have outlined a few useful tips to help you survive through these insanely crazy times living in RV with the basic amenities. Until then, let’s wish, we all hit the road again soon, making lifetime memories again.

  • Tell A Tale

Being stuck in a lockdown can be mentally draining. Let’s put mental chatter to work and produce something creative, like a short story. Try to make it fun as people need more of that. You can even start a blog. Do not forget to share it on your social media.

Read books that you have on hand or find compelling stories to share with your loved ones. Also, you can play a ‘pass a story’ game where one person tells the story, passes to another to keep the tale going. It’s great for involving everyone in the RV. 

  • Enjoy the  ‘Me’ Time

By being alone, away from all the workplace and pub hoopla, introspect within, find what you are best at and make an action plan to achieve it. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and others. Emotional maturity is what is needed during this difficult time. 

Watch your favorite Netflix show, learn a new language, do yoga or exercise, take a nap, play guitar, try and cook a new recipe. Basically, do whatever is available and keeps you closer to yourself. 

  • Plan A Future Trip

Have you been dreaming of a trip to an exotic location with your special one? Now, you have ample time to put together a travel plan for your next vacation. 

Usually, the planning process is a little cumbersome, considering you have to first choose a destination, finding roads to travel on, stopovers for meals and rest breaks. And, most importantly figuring out things to do while you will be on a vacation. 

It would be a pleasurable activity as you plan the whole vacation with your family and keep everyone positive and calm. Also, keep the budget in your mind while planning as it is the most crucial factor.

  • Strengthen Your Relationship

In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, couples, especially those with kids, don’t really spend much time together. All of a sudden being thrown to a 24/7 routine could be a make or break a situation for them. 

At a time like this when you can not move anywhere with your RV, leverage this wonderful opportunity to spend time with each other, know each other better by being honest and kind. 

Talk about your fears, say what needs to be fixed, set up a date night with some wine and well the best available food. 

Summing It Up

Like most of us, the global pandemic has left everyone curious as much as unsettled.

These times may appear to be dark and hard for now, but we are all in this together, united and strong. 

The ray of new light is just around the corner. We just have to be a little more patient to let it all pass. 

Take it as an adventure while you are in an RV and be safe. Make some fond memories that you can cherish forever.