Father and daughter next to their RV rental

The first stumbling block in your quest to a remarkable RV vacation is deciding on what type of recreational vehicle is right for you? Do you want a big Class A campervan or a small RV for a romantic trip?

There are a myriad of questions you need to ask yourself for an amazing RVing experience. So, let’s take at a look at these self-answer questions when you are renting a recreational vehicle.

Q,1 What Kind of Camping do I want to experience?

The camping you want will help you decide on the right RV type. Would you do primitive camping? If so, then you’ll need a travel trailer or a pop tent.  Would you prefer Glamp? Then you’ll require an airstream, vintage or a massive class A motorhome.

One thing you must know about camping is that it is a lifestyle choice. It can be as fancy or straightforward as you want.

Q.2 Where Do I Want to Camp?

RV with awningKnowing the kind of places you’ll be travelling to is critical when selecting San Diego RV rental. If you want to explore the national or statewide parks, then space must be taken seriously since such parks are not spacious enough and often overcrowded.

Most of the campsites aren’t designed for the big rigs. Ideally, opt for a recreational vehicle less than 35 feet. The best part about a compact campervan is that you can park it anywhere you want.

If you need a fully-equipped RV with all the modern amenities, then go with a Class A motorhome that offers you luxurious stay. Enquire whether the motorhome has room for a trailer or tow?

Q.3 Will Your Travel Continuously or Stay in One Place?

The bigger the RV is, the lesser is the fuel efficiency. If you want to stay in the recreational vehicle for a long time, then go with a spacious campervan that meets all your daily needs.

Remember, a recreational vehicle is more like a house than a vehicle. Therefore, you’ve to be prepared to manage its maintenance costs as well.

If you are an off-roader, then go with a recreational vehicle with good ground clearance, this means you can travel anywhere you want to, without damaging your RV.

Q3. How Many People Will Be Onboard?

Choose an RV, according to the number of people travelling with you. Do you have pets? Where your kids will sleep? Each of these questions will help you refine on your list of selecting an RV. Remember, some camping parks have strict guidelines with regards to pets and kids.

A  bunkhouse-style RV is preferred when you are travelling in a recreational vehicle. For large pets, go with a Class A motorhome, as the inside space is ample for a comfortable stay.

Q.4 What is My Budget?

Do you have any budget constraints? First, decide on your recreational vehicle renting budget. If you have no budget problem, then the options are plenty, right from motorhome C to A with all the modern amenities.

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