Renting & traveling in an RV is an incredible experience. But, before all the fun begins, there are a number of decisions to make that probably haven’t crossed your mind before.

Not picking the right RV can be a big problem, always remember not all roads are RV-friendly. So, like this, we’ll put forth first-time  RVing blunders:

1. Not Picking the Right RV

Which RV to pick?

The class C motorhome is slightly longer than the sedan, but not too wide. You can go with a Class B campervan which has a kitchen and two beds.

You can always opt for the super spacious and comfortable Class A motorhome, but it is way more difficult to drive for the first-timers.

Before leaving, you should know how long and wide your RV rental in San Diego is, and more importantly, what all features it has.

2. Not Planning the Route Ahead of Time

Not every road is recreational-friendly; you’ve to plan your route carefully. Keep one thing in mind, RVs are not the fastest vehicles on the road, so add a few hours to every route.

RVing experience is never about the destination, but the stops you make to witness the mystical beauty of nature, meet the locals, and try new dishes at roadside eateries. When planning your trip, plan more stops, and fewer hours on the road per day.

During the RV trip, you’ll find yourself without the Internet, and phone coverage at some places only. So, it is imperative to have a physical map or devices,

3. Not Making Advanced Camp or Park Reservations

Yes, road trips are not about the destination, instead of how you enjoy the journey, and you’ll live life to the fullest, care-free.

Depending on where and when you want to go; campgrounds could be fully occupied. It is advisable to book popular campsites well in advance to stay clear of stressful hours to find an RV-friendly site.

4. Not Packing Enough Food 

When travelling in a RV, it is indispensable to pack the right foods, organize and store them in a temperature-controlled environment. Doing so, you ensure protection of the edible stuff against spoilage.

Pack enough packed and healthy foods, including snacks like nuts. This way you’ll save money on eating outside, but also ensure good health for your kids.

5. Packing More Than You Need 

Avoid overpacking; less is more when it comes to RVing. Overpacking is the biggest mistake most RV vacationers make every time. Pack essentials and things you would be needing to make RVing a great experience. Also, you have to consider the availability of storage space in the RV.

Think before you load the stuff on the RV.

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