Imagine waking up to a wonderful landscape away from your chaotic life. RV rentals in San Diego offer you the freedom to travel wherever you want. From exploring places around to take your pets for a family trip, RV travel is the way to go!

Herein, we have painted you the facts that will force you to review all that you know about RV:

1. Halves your vacation costs

Standard vacation expenses mainly include traveling, accommodation, food, and shopping around.  RVing offers higher savings than those traveling using a car.

An RV enables you to bring all the comforts of home to your vacation. A press release in GlobeNewsWire showed a small family traveling by RV can save 21 to 64 percent of their vacation costs. 

Americans love this affordable way to enjoy a family vacation.

Just imagine – after the end of one vacation, you’ll have a decent saving to plan another trip. Right?.

2. The most expensive RV costs $3 million

As per CBS NEWS, the most valuable coach in the world worth $3 million.  It gained popularity as a double-decker EleMMent Palazzo and was designed by an Austria-based company, Marchi Mobile. 

In June 2013, it went on display in Dubai and was open to U.S. buyers in January. This kind of on-the-go luxury has more than what meets the eye.  It includes red-carpeted entry stairs, a rooftop deck, a cocktail lounge, a bedroom, and a huge living room.

3. The RV industry has celebrated its 100th anniversary

Surely, the upgraded RVs are remarkable, but the idea of RV road trips is quite old. In 1910, the first camper was set out, and the entire industry-acclaimed its 100th anniversary back in 2010.

4. 9 million RVs in the US

As per a 2011 Survey of Consumers, in the US, over 9 million RVs were on the road. That’s just little more than one vehicle for every dweller of New York City! It is not tough to imagine why people love them.

Row of RV's parked along side the road

Many people opt for RV Rentals in San Diego (a city in the US) to experience this fantastic form of travel.

5. Yosemite National Park—Most popular RV destination

Yosemite National Park is an iconic and popular RV destination. You will be surprised to know that every year, over 250,000 visitors come here with their recreational vehicle. The park has 13 campgrounds—each with unique features and alluring views.

RV campground

The park has 13 campgrounds—each with unique features and alluring views.

6. RVers are getting younger

The most popular group of the RVing population are the people above 30. As per the RV industry association, the highest rates of RV ownership are amongst those between ages 35 and 44. 

Aren’t they getting younger?

7. Owns museum

Elkhart, a city in the US is home to the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum, where you can learn more about RVs. Opened in 1991, the place draws RV enthusiasts every year to see the journey so far.

>The Hall of Fame honors more than 400 people who are responsible for inventing RVs over the years. There is also a collection of thousands of manuals and photographs linked to the RV industry.

Event Center RV Hall of Fame

In the end…

We hope these facts have pulled you closer to another RV vacation. Don’t think too much.  Find about the most affordable RV rental cost and hit the road for a great vacation.