Many travelers find RV winter trips exciting, but they promptly reject the notion, suggesting it’s too complicated and almost crazy. 

Well, those people are missing out on some wonderful life experiences. Nothing can compare, seeing the majestic view of the sun rising from the blanket of the snow, snowing at night, and snuggling into a sleeping bag in the evening; everything is so fascinating. 

But then think of a scenario where your RV broke down in the middle of nowhere? Don’t you worry, as here in this article, we’ll enlisting things you must do to prepare your RV for a winter tour, so let’s find out:-

Check the RV Exteriors

Before heading out, the most important thing you need to do is check the windows and re-caulk.  

Make sure you check out the weather stripping of every exterior door of your RV rental in San Diego — especially the entry — examine the access panels & basement, and replace them to keep cold drafts out.  

The Holding Tanks

As a part of RV preparation for the winter holiday, you must empty your gray & black water tanks. 

Don’t forget to pour in a quart of RV antifreeze into each of the tanks. It is crucial to protect dump valves from freezing. 

You must insulate the drain pipes into both the tanks with the use of a foam pipe insulation, and you can even consider having electric pipe heaters, in case you’ll be camping at regions where the temperatures fall below the freezing point. 

Stabilizing Jacks

The stabilizing jacks can freeze to concrete or paved pads. Place wood blocks beneath. Doing so, you raise the hacks, drive forward, and after that, free the blocks with the use of ice melt, a chisel, and a hammer. Or you can simply leave the blocks and get the replacements later on. 


If you hit the road, it is indispensable to test the furnace. Use compressed air or a soft brush to clean the furnace area, get rid of the insects, dust & debris. If your motorhome only has just one heat pump, consider a supplementary heat source. The classic system rarely performs efficiently when the temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you are using propane to heat your rig, it will likely last for a couple of days in freezing weather.

Ensure that you know the different propane refill stations in your trip or safely bring along a few extra tanks. Some campgrounds also provide propane bottles for rent.

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