RV Rentals with kids

So, you’ve booked an RV rental  in San Diego after overwhelming research. Next up is the headache of planning a road trip with kids, which by no means is a stroll in the park. 

Don’t you worry, as here in this article, we’ve rounded up practical survival tips for Rving with your kids? Let’s check out these:-


Parent and children in front of RV rental

You heard people saying, to enjoy an RV trip, you got to be spontaneous, but as a family, you’ll have to do some planning. 

Sit down with your partner and kids, and decide where they would like to go. What all they would want to do, camping, trekking or just exploring the woods. 

Take everybody’s input before finalizing the destination.. 

Getting your kids involved in the planning process will not just make them excited about their trip, but also encourage them to behave responsibly, like an adult. 

Short Trips

Yes, traveling in an RV is about those long road trips, but it can be uncomfortable for kids. They may get bored or even feel exhausted.

To keep their spirits high, plan short trips. Plan to stop by at different places, to satiate hunger pangs, and witness all the majestic sites in your quest to explore nature. 

Older children can last a journey up to eight hours, while three to four hours is enough for young kids. 

Buckle Up

Yes, it is obvious to encourage your kids  for an RV trip. It is different from traveling in a car and they must be told about this. 

You may think that an RV is like a school bus, and your kid can manage it.  But he or she may feel claustrophobic sitting in a motorhome. 

Most motorhome models have their seatbelts in the living room, so when the RV is in motion make sure everyone is well-seated and strapped. 

Sound Machine

Well-rested kids are less annoyed and irritated, and a sound machine is the best solution to achieve that. 

If adults have plans to stay up late in the night, drinking and talking for hours, then a sound machine can help to block the noise for your kids to doze off. There are several options for sound machines in the market. Those that plug-in into the power source, while others run on a battery or latest ones that operate via a smartphone App. 

Indoor Entertainment

Child inside RV playing on tablet

One of the biggest perks of RVing as a family is the time to relax & spend quality time together.  Hanging out with kids makes the trip even more enjoyable. Also, to avoid boredom, create an indoor play area for your kids. 

Board games are good to keep everyone entertained on a rainy day. A deck of cards, which doesn’t take much space, provides endless ways to have fun. 

It’s the best time to teach your kids about the games and activities which you used to play during your school days. Make them read books,  sing songs together or watch movies. 

Let’s Wrap Up

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