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Coachella 2024: Key Dates & Guidelines

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RV Rental Options For Coachella

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Heading to Coachella

On-Site Camping With a Campervan

Offsite-Camping With your RV

Taking Care of Your RV at Coachella

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Coachella: Your Ultimate California Festival Experience

Dreaming of an epic festival experience that offers more than just catchy tunes? Look no further than the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival! Nestled in the heart of California’s beautiful Empire Polo Club the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival bursts with an eclectic mix of music, art, and style. The unique festivity, often simply called Coachella, is a cultural cornerstone that draws fans from around the globe. True to its spirit, Coachella embraces the mantra “Everyone is a Headliner,” building a community where everyone belongs.

What Sets Coachella Apart: More Than Just Music

Why does Coachella stand out? You’re not merely a spectator; you’re enveloped in the spectacle! Big names like Bad Bunny, Blackpink, and Frank Ocean from 2023? Sure, they’re a part. But there’s so much more! Think vibrant art and themed spaces—ever reminisce about “TRASHed Coachella” or NYLON House’s “YOUniverse” from last year? From the crack of dawn until well into the night, the festival is a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and experiences. Based in San Diego? Consider kicking off your Coachella journey in style with an RV from RV Fun Rental!

Coachella 2024 Theme Predictions with RV Fun Rental

Although the official theme for Coachella 2024 is still a secret, we’re buzzing with anticipation! Looking back at previous themes that graced the festival grounds, such as the awe-inspiring “Art of Recycling,” we’re confident this year will up the ante yet again. Each new theme adds an enthralling dimension to the ever-evolving Coachella universe. Get ready; this promises to be another groundbreaking year.

Plan Your Coachella 2024 Journey from San Diego with RV Fun Rental

Too excited to wait? Us too! Living in the greater San Diego area? This is the ideal time to map out your Coachella 2024 escapade with RV Fun Rental. First, leave your car in our secure lot. Then, grab your deluxe RV. Finally, set off for the uncharted; next year’s Coachella promises to be a game-changer!

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Coachella 2024: When, Where, and What You Need to Know

Dive into the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival scene with these vital deets! Two weekends of pure festival joy, art installations, and killer line-ups are calling your name. But, know before you go. Here’s the 411:

The Tale of Two Weekends: Choose Wisely!

While the line-up remains consistent across both weekends, each offers its own unique experience. The first weekend usually comes with logistical challenges like parking but offers the thrill of discovery and the debut of the artists’ performances. The second weekend provides a more refined musical experience, complete with a vibe similar to past festivals. Plus, nabbing a last-minute ticket tends to be easier for the latter weekend!

Event Dates: Mark These Days!

Clear your schedules for April 12–14 and April 19–21, 2024. The party of the year is set in stone!

Location: Where Magic Happens

Set your GPS for Empire Polo Club, located at 81800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA 92201. This is where the festival glory unfolds!

IDs Required: Be Prepared

Remember, Coachella opens its gates to all ages. But, keep that ID handy for age-restricted areas and alcohol purchases.

Vehicle Rules: The Camper Van Loophole

While RVs and trailers aren’t allowed on the Coachella grounds, here’s the hack—campervans pass muster! Confirmed by the LA Times, vans are permitted, giving you a unique and comfy festival lodging option.

Coachella Tickets: How to Get Yours

Missed the presale? Don’t worry! Coachella’s 2024 presale tickets appeared like a flash on June 16 at 11 AM PT and sold out instantly. But hope isn’t lost!

Festival Ticketing Support: 855.771.3667

Get on The Waitlist

The official website offers separate waitlists for week 1 and week 2 of the events. Sign up now quick!

Resale Tickets: Don’t Miss Out

Your golden ticket could be just a click away. Check these sources:

  • Official Website: Your first pit stop.
  • Online Marketplaces: Think StubHub, but beware of fees.
  • Social Media: Facebook groups and fan pages often host ticket swaps.
  • Local Ads: Hit up classifieds or community boards.
  • The Friend Factor: Sometimes your network can surprise you with available tickets.

Climate Check: Pack Smart

Hello, desert life! Gear up for warm days with typical temperatures in the low to mid-90s°F (32-35°C), and evenings dropping to the 60s°F (around 16°C). A quick weather forecast check can be your best festival prep.


Coachella offers ADA-compliant facilities and services like special camping areas, pathways, and restrooms. Sign language interpreters and mobility aids are also available. For details check their website.



Why Coachella 2024 is Unmissable

It’s more than the music. It’s the art, the themed zones, and most of all, it’s you—the vibrant community making Coachella an experience like no other!

Ready to join the ranks of the Coachella elite? Now you have the down-low: the dates, the place, the rules, and the difference between the two weekends. All that’s left is to immerse yourself in the epicness that is Coachella 2024!

Navigating the Festival: Rules, Allowed Items, and Prohibited Items

Ready to level up your Coachella 2024 experience?

Don’t just attend, arrive in style with RV Fun Rental! Your ultimate festival adventure awaits in one of our luxury RVs. Click here to book now and secure your VIP journey to Coachella!

Why You Need an RV for Coachella

Think you’re already maximizing your Coachella vibe? Wait until you experience it with an RV! Whether you’re a festival veteran or a Coachella rookie, an RV takes your journey to new heights. Trust us; this is the upgrade you’ve been looking for!

The Coachella Lifestyle: Why an RV is Your Best Bet

Coachella is a sensory overload of music, art, and culture, but let’s be honest—it can also be a test of endurance. With the days burning hot and the nights filled with non-stop action, here’s how an RV becomes your sanctuary:

  • Cool Respite: Escape the heat of the Indio sun in your air-conditioned oasis.
  • Rest and Recharge: Dance until sunrise? No problem. Your cozy bed awaits.
  • Personal Sanctuary: Get away from the crowds and relax in your dust-free haven.

Building Your RV Community at Coachella

Your RV isn’t just a vehicle; it’s the heart of a mini-community within the massive Coachella tapestry. Your RV space can be:

  • Social Hotspots: Swap stories, share food, and relive the festival’s highlights.
  • Creative Nooks: Collaborate on art, strike up a jam session, or even lay down some dance moves!
  • Safe Havens: With neighbors looking out for one another, you’ve got a joyful, mobile family.

An RV at Coachella is more than just a convenience—it’s a lifestyle enhancer. It’s your home on wheels in the epicenter of a cultural phenomenon. Let the adventure begin!

Music event lights
Georgetown GT5 RV exterior passenger entrance

RV Rental Options Tailored for Coachella 2024

Get ready to rock Coachella 2024 like never before! Taking an RV isn’t just a luxe choice—it’s your oasis amid the whirlwind of performances, art installations, and partying. Allow us to navigate you through your RV options for a Coachella experience that’s tailored just for you!

What’s Your Coachella RV Style? Unearth Your Dream Festival Abode

Choosing the right RV can set the tone for your entire Coachella journey. Let’s break down your options:

Go Big with Luxury – Class A Motorhomes

Imagine staying in a five-star hotel, but it’s on wheels and you can park it right near the festival grounds. Class A motorhomes feature lavish interiors, fully-stocked kitchens, and extra living space. Want to experience Coachella in total opulence? A Class A motorhome is your ticket to bliss.

Keep it Simple and Fun – Class B Motorhomes (Camper Vans)

Perfect for couples or those flying solo, Class B motorhomes offer all the essentials you need. Easy to drive and park, these camper vans let you focus on what really matters—the music and the vibe.

The Best of Both Worlds – Class C Motorhomes

Got a small crew or a family adventure on the horizon? Class C motorhomes give you a bit of Class A glamour coupled with Class B practicality. Unique features include a sleeping area right above the driver’s seat, offering a cozy retreat after a day of festival fun.

Choosing the right RV transforms your Coachella 2024 experience from great to unforgettable. Whether you’re looking to live it up or find a tranquil sanctuary to recharge, we have the perfect RV option waiting for you.

Spotlight on Our Premium RV Fleet for Coachella 2024

Step up your Coachella game with our curated collection of top-tier luxury RVs. Tailored for the discerning festival aficionado, these RVs blend the spellbinding essence of Coachella with world-class comfort and state-of-the-art amenities. Get ready to redefine festival glam—the Coachella way!

Elevate Your Festival Experience: RVs That Radiate Luxury

Our handpicked RVs are more than just a place to sleep; they’re an extension of the Coachella spirit—vibrant, dynamic, and absolutely unforgettable. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Brace yourself for a festival journey that amplifies the Coachella experience and takes glamping into the stratosphere!

Inside Your Coachella-Ready RV: Amenities Galore!

Kitchen Amenities: Feast in Festival Style

Whether you’re in a Class B or a luxurious Class A motorhome, our kitchens make meal prep a snap. Create a quick snack or go gourmet—the choice is yours!

Rest Like a Rockstar: Sleep Configurations for All

Our versatile RVs sleep anywhere from 2 to 8 people, offering something for couples, friend squads, and families. After a day of music and art, sink into a cozy bed to recharge.

Non-Stop Entertainment: Stay Tuned In

Never miss a Coachella livestream or your favorite series. Our RVs boast TVs and top-of-the-line sound systems to keep the festival spirit alive around the clock.

Beat the Desert Heat: Climate Control Perks

Coachella Valley can get hot, but inside your RV, you control the climate. Heating and cooling options ensure you’re comfortable no matter what the weather brings.

Exclusive RV Fun Rental Benefits for Coachella 2024

  • 100 Free Miles Daily: Roam freely without worrying about mileage.
  • Optional Insurance and Trip Assistance: Travel with peace of mind.
  • Competitive Rental Rates: Enjoy luxury without breaking the bank.
  • Complimentary Secure Parking for Your Car: Leave your worries—and your car—behind.
  • Transparent Fees: No hidden cleaning or dumping charges.
  • 24/7 Quote Availability and Home Delivery: Get instant quotes and enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

Got questions? No worries! Head over to our FAQ page to get all your queries answered. Your ultimate Coachella adventure starts with understanding!

Rolling to Coachella Valley in Your RV: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide!

Excitement is in the air, and Coachella 2024 is the destination. The drive to the iconic Coachella Valley is part of the thrill when you’re cruising in an RV. Here’s your foolproof guide to getting there and soaking in the sights along the way.

Top Routes for an Epic Journey: Scenic Drives to Coachella Valley

  • From Los Angeles: It’s a straight shot! Just head southeast on I-10 E. As you near Coachella, you’ll witness the breathtaking San Gorgonio Pass wind farm. Cameras ready!
  • From San Diego: Your best route? I-15 N to CA-79 N, then to I-10 E. Pro tip: make a pitstop at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for some wildflower sightings, if you’ve got the time.
  • From San Francisco: Take I-5 S to CA-99 S, then hit I-10 E. It’s a longer drive, so why not break it up with a visit to Sequoia National Park?
  • From Phoenix: Keep it simple with I-10 W. And guess what? You’ll pass by the surreal landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park.

Handy Travel Tips: Make Your Journey Smooth

  • Gas Stations: Coachella Valley isn’t a gas station desert. Still, it’s smart to keep your tank full.
  • Cell Reception: Coverage is solid. Yet, offline maps? Always a game-changer.
  • Traffic Alert: As you approach the festival grounds, expect some slowdowns. It’s Coachella, after all. Turn up your playlist and ride the anticipation!

Useful Links: Navigating Coachella Like a Pro

Rev up that RV and let’s get this Coachella journey rolling!

Campervan Camping at Coachella: Know the Rules, Live the Experience

Navigating Coachella’s camping scene? We’ve got you covered! While RVs aren’t permitted, campervans offer an exciting, alternative lodging option. For those with RVs, don’t worry; we have a section coming up on off-site RV campgrounds near the festival. But hey, there are rules to play by for campervans. Here’s what you need to know:

Campervan Site Allocation: Early Bird Gets the Spot!

Campervan and car camping spots go on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plan to arrive early to nab a prime location, especially if you’re eyeing those Preferred Car Camping sites in Lot 8. Camping costs $125 per night, and once you’re in, remember: no in-and-out privileges for vehicles.

On-Site Facilities: Basic Comforts

Portapotties? Check. Free showers? You bet! Find these in Lots 4B, 5B, 8 (ADA only), and 10.

music festival party goers

The Must-Know Campervan Rules: Don’t Get Turned Away

Coachella has a set of non-negotiables for campervans:

  • Running Water: If your van has it, you may want to disconnect it. No vehicles with running water, including toilets, are allowed. We’ve heard of lots of people gettin in with small running water tanks but we wouldn’t want to chance it.
  • Cooking Stoves: Got a pre-installed stove unit? Keep it off; no cooking is allowed on-site.
  • Vehicle Limits: One campervan or car per site, no exceptions. And no motorcycles or ATVs.
  • Check-In: Starts Thursday before the festival at 9 a.m. or Friday to Sunday at 9 a.m. Security checks are standard procedure.

Beyond the Rules: The Perks and Culture

  • Unlimited Friends: As many tents as will fit in your 30’x10′ site.
  • Nightlife: Explore amenities and activities before and after each show—great for meeting global pals!
  • Vehicle Lockdown: No ins/outs during lockdown hours—Fri & Sat 9 p.m.-2 a.m., Sun 11 p.m.-2 a.m. Times may vary, so be prepared.

Food and Drinks: Keep the Party Fueled

  • Bring Your Own: Yes, you can bring food and beverages, but no glass containers.
  • Cheers to 21+ Campers: Bring a case of beer cans or a box of wine. Excessive amounts? You might have to leave it at the gate.
  • Cooking: Propane stoves are a go but only in Car Camping areas. Check out our FAQ for more details.
  • Shopping: Swing by the General Store in camping for supplies, microwaves, toasters, and more!
  • Ice Alert: Mobile Ice Sales in all camp lots from Thursday 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Find them or snag ice at the General Store in Lot 8.
  • Vendors and Food Trucks: Check the Coachella website for updates.

Ready to roll into Coachella 2024 with your campervan? Now you’re armed with all the need-to-know rules, food and drink options, and perks. Next up on our ultimate Coachella 2024 RV Guide, we dive into the campgrounds near the festival that can elevate your Coachella experience!

Ready for the ultimate Coachella 2024 adventure?

Experience it like never before in a luxury Campervan from RV Fun Rental! Forget the hassle, embrace the comfort. Click now to reserve your home-on-wheels and make this Coachella unforgettable!

Crowd at Coachella under the warm sunset

Offsite RV Camping at Coachella

Offsite RV camping offers an exciting alternative to the traditional festival grounds. With RV Fun Rental, you get a cozy, luxurious space that you can call your own. Interested? Let’s explore what offsite camping has in store for you.

Why an Offsite RV is Your Coachella VIP Pass

For an Epic Festival, You Need Epic Comfort

Coachella is more than just a festival—it’s a marathon of incredible music, eye-popping art, and unforgettable moments. But it’s also sun-soaked and crowded. That’s where a nearby RV becomes your sanctuary. Think climate-controlled interiors to beat the heat, your very own sleeping arrangements to rest those dancing feet, and a dedicated space to recharge both your devices and your spirits. Why settle for just surviving Coachella when you can thrive?

Shuttle to the Action, Retreat to Comfort

Easy Come, Easy Go: Your Shuttle to Coachella Bliss

Not to worry—being offsite doesn’t mean you’re out of the loop. Shuttle services are your reliable link between your luxury RV and the heart of Coachella. Forget parking woes; hop on, hop off, and you’re where you need to be! Plus, the RV community vibe extends to the shuttle trips. Chat with fellow festival-goers or simply enjoy the journey back to your comfortable base.

If you plan to use the shuttle service be sure to check availability with the campground first. Shuttle service is limited.

Transform Your Coachella Experience with an RV

It’s More Than a Festival—It’s a Lifestyle

By now you’re seeing the big picture: a luxury RV, stationed at a convenient distance and connected by efficient shuttles, is the way to elevate your Coachella experience. Imagine the freedom to engage with Coachella on your terms: fully refreshed, comfortably housed, and infinitely happier. Don’t miss out on maximizing your Coachella 2024 experience—consider reserving your luxury RV today. The festival won’t know what hit it!

Can’t wait to see you live your best life at Coachella 2024!

List of Offsite Campgrounds: Your Perfect Spot Awaits!

Ready to park and party? Dive into comfort and luxury while still being close to the Coachella action. Check out these top-notch offsite RV campgrounds that are sure to elevate your festival experience:

Indian Waters RV Resort & Cottages

  • Distance: 3 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 47202 Jackson St., Indio, CA
  • Contact: (760) 342-8100
  • Amenities: Luxurious doesn’t even begin to describe it! Indian Waters offers spacious RV sites with full hookups and 50-amp service. Dive into their sparkling pools or hot tubs and enjoy a free continental breakfast on weekends. Pet-friendly and packed with a gym, it’s a mini-resort on its own!

Shadow Hills RV Resort

  • Distance: 7.5 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 40-655 Jefferson, Indio, CA
  • Contact: (760) 360-4040
  • Amenities: The ultimate party spot! Official Coachella Any Line Shuttle stop, live DJs, pre-parties, late-night swimming, and food. With a pool, jacuzzi, and clean showers, Shadow Hills guarantees a festival experience like no other.

Coachella Lakes RV Resort

  • Distance: 5 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 58075 Jefferson Street, La Quinta, CA
  • Contact: (800) 234-7275
  • Amenities: Get the best of both worlds with fishing spots and picnic facilities. This pet-friendly option also offers volleyball courts and WiFi for when you want to update your social media.

Indian Wells

  • Distance: 5.8 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 47-340 Jefferson, Indio, CA
  • Contact: (844) 727-3717
  • Amenities: Featuring both 30-amp and 50-amp sites, Indian Wells is another luxurious option with WiFi, swimming pools, a hot tub, and a fitness center. It’s also pet-friendly!

Lake Cahuilla Recreation Area

  • Distance: 5 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 58075 Jefferson Street, La Quinta, CA
  • Contact: (800) 234-7275
  • Amenities: For the nature lovers! Fishing, picnic facilities, WiFi, and volleyball, plus pet-friendly and equestrian sites. A unique camping experience!

Motorcoach Country Club

  • Distance: 5 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 80-501 Avenue 48, Indio, CA
  • Contact: (888) 277-0789
  • Amenities: Packed with luxury and comfort, Motorcoach Country Club is another excellent nearby option with full RV hookups and a fitness center.

Palm Springs / Joshua Tree KOA

  • Distance: 27 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 70405 Dillon Rd., Desert Hot Springs, CA
  • Contact: (760) 251-6555
  • Amenities: Far enough for peace but close enough for fun. This site offers a hot tub, sauna, pool, and spa fed by natural hot springs. Perfect for winding down after a festival day.

Happy Traveler RV

  • Distance: 25 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 211 W. Mesquite, Palm Springs, CA
  • Contact: (760) 325-8518
  • Amenities: A great option if you want to explore downtown Palm Springs. This RV park includes water, sewer, cable TV, and WiFi. Pool, spa, and laundry facilities are also available.

Cathedral Palms RV Resort

  • Distance: 20 miles to Coachella
  • Location: 35901 Cathedral Canyon Dr, Cathedral City, CA
  • Amenities: Complete with full RV hookups, pool, spa, and a wading pool. The laundry, clubhouse, and shower rooms provide additional convenience for festival-goers.

Want to Try Something Different? Try Hipcamp

New to Hipcamp? It’s the Airbnb of camping! Hipcamp lets you book one-of-a-kind RV spots near Coachella, ranging from private lands to serene desert escapes. Go on, be adventurous!

Take your pick and make your Coachella experience unforgettable! Whether it’s luxury you’re after or a more laid-back vibe, there’s an RV campground just for you.

Keep Your RV Festival-Ready at Coachella: Beat the Desert Heat and Dust

Coachella Valley’s unique desert environment offers its own set of challenges for RV owners. But fear not! Here’s how to make sure your RV stays in tip-top shape as you enjoy the festival from nearby offsite campgrounds.

Shield Your RV from Desert Elements

The dry heat and occasional dust storms in the Coachella Valley can pose a challenge. Here’s how you can protect your mobile abode:

  • Prep Before You Park: Our RVs feature sealed windows and doors to lock out the desert elements. Some even offer paper or plastic-covered floors and furniture to keep heat and dust to a minimum.
  • Entryway Etiquette: Lay a robust mat outside your RV door. Kick off the sand from your festival sandals before stepping inside. Want to really keep things clean? Add a shoe bin at the entrance.
  • Quick Clean-Ups: In between your favorite acts, take a moment to sweep or wipe down surfaces. A little effort goes a long way in maintaining a comfy interior.
  • Close It Up: Don’t underestimate the power of a tightly sealed window or vent. It’ll help keep your RV’s interior cool and free from dust.
Coachella ferris wheel

Embrace Sustainable Camping in the Desert

Going green isn’t just hip; it’s essential, especially in a delicate ecosystem like the desert surrounding Coachella. Here’s how:

  • Solar Is Your Friend: In such a sunny environment, solar panels are not only efficient but also eco-friendly. Consider this option for powering your Coachella home away from home.
  • Conserve Water: The desert’s arid conditions make water a scarce resource. Consider using water-saving fixtures and capturing greywater for reuse.
  • Separate to Celebrate: Keep your recyclables separate from your trash. It’s an easy way to minimize your footprint at the end of your Coachella experience.

By adhering to these tips, you not only maintain your RV in pristine condition but also contribute to preserving the natural beauty of the Coachella Valley. Jam out to your favorite bands, explore the art installations, and return to an RV that’s as ready for adventure as you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gear up for an unforgettable Coachella experience by diving into these frequently asked questions about RV camping at the festival!

General RV Questions: Understanding Your Home on Wheels

How do I operate the RV’s air conditioning and heating systems?

Every RV has a simple thermostat. Just pick your comfy temperature. Need more help? Check the guide that comes with your RV.

What’s the average mileage limit for the RVs?

Our standard mileage limit is 100 miles per day. Exceeding this limit might incur additional charges.

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?

For most RV types, a standard driver’s license is sufficient. However, for some larger Class A motorhomes, check local regulations and our rental terms.

How do I use the RV’s kitchen appliances?

All appliances come with user-friendly controls. For specific operations, consult the RV’s user manual or our online video tutorials.

Where can I find last minute RV rentals for EDC?

Start by checking with RV rental companies in your area or in areas closest to the event, such as Reno or Las Vegas in Nevada. They might have cancellations or last-minute availability. If you are driving from the Southern California San Diego area why not start with the best, RV Fun Rentals.

Coachella On-Site Campervan Camping FAQs

Is campervan parking allowed at the Coachella festival grounds?

Yes, Coachella offers on-site camping car options for campervans. Secure your spot early, as these tend to sell out fast!

What’s included with my car camping pass?

Your car camping pass typically includes a 10×30 ft space for your car or campervan and your tent. Some packages also include access to showers and restrooms.

How many people can stay in one car camping spot?

The number of occupants per car camping spot varies, but generally, up to six people can occupy one spot.

What amenities are available in the car camping area?

Amenities often include restrooms, showers, food vendors, general stores, and sometimes even activities like yoga classes and silent discos.

Can I leave and re-enter the car camping area?

Usually, re-entry is not allowed for car campers. Once you’re parked, you’re parked for the weekend.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, pets are not allowed in the car camping areas, with the exception of service animals.

Can I cook or BBQ in the car camping area?

Most of the time, small portable gas grills are allowed, but check the official Coachella guidelines for any restrictions.

How do I secure a car camping spot?

You can purchase car camping passes along with your festival tickets. They usually go on sale at the same time.

What are the quiet hours for car camping?

Quiet hours are generally from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., but these times may vary.

Is it safe to leave valuables in my car?

While there is security, it’s best to not leave valuables in plain sight in your car. Lock them in your trunk for added security.

Can I have visitors in the car camping area?

Generally, only people with car camping wristbands can enter the car camping area.

Offsite Camping FAQs

Is there RV camping at the festival?

No, Coachella does not offer onsite RV camping. The only exception is class B campervans as the event coordinators classify them as a car/van. However, there are plenty of offsite RV campgrounds nearby to make your festival experience comfortable and exciting!

What is offsite camping?

Offsite camping refers to RV and tent camping options available at designated campgrounds near the Coachella festival grounds, rather than on the festival property itself.

How close are offsite campgrounds to the Coachella festival?

The proximity varies, but campgrounds can be as close as 3 miles and as far as 30 miles from the festival venue.

Are there shuttle services available to and from offsite RV campgrounds?

Yes, some RV campgrounds offer shuttle services directly to the festival, and some are also designated stops for the official Coachella Any Line Shuttle. Check with the campground to confirm.

What types of amenities can I expect at offsite RV campgrounds?

Amenities at offsite RV campgrounds can include full RV hookups, pools, hot tubs, gyms, Wi-Fi, pet-friendly spaces, and even continental breakfasts.

What about security at these offsite RV campgrounds?

Most offsite RV campgrounds offer some level of security, which can range from gated access to 24-hour on-site staff.

Is there a limit on the number of people and vehicles per RV site?

Many RV campgrounds have restrictions on the number of people and vehicles per site, so check ahead to avoid any surprises.

Is offsite camping cheaper than on-site camping?

Prices vary, but offsite camping can often be a more economical choice, especially for larger groups or longer stays.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the offsite campground?

Most offsite campgrounds allow you to bring your own food and drinks, but always check individual campground rules for any restrictions.

Is it possible to rent an RV if I don’t own one?

Absolutely! RV Fun Rental has a range of luxury RVs perfect for your Coachella adventure.