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Discover Stagecoach 2024: Your Ultimate Country Music Road Trip

The Heartbeat of Country Music

Craving an experience that brings the soul of country music to the fore? Mark your calendars for the Stagecoach Festival 2024. Scheduled from April 26 to April 28, this Indio, California-based event is one of the largest country music festivals in the United States. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a full-blown celebration. With a headlining roster featuring Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert, and Eric Church, this is one event you can’t afford to miss.

A Fan’s Paradise: The Unique Allure of Stagecoach

Stagecoach is often called the “Coachella of Country Music,” but what does that really mean? It’s not just about the performances, it’s about being part of a passionate, dedicated community of fans. Enjoy iconic performances from Willie Nelson & Family, Post Malone, Jelly Roll, and HARDY, and tap into the festival’s broader offerings—line dancing, food trucks with Southern favorites, and BBQ cook-offs. If you’re in the San Diego area, there’s no better way to kickstart your Stagecoach journey than in a luxurious RV from RV Fun Rental!

Artist Testimonials: The Magic of Stagecoach

Even the artists can’t help but share their excitement. Eric Church stated, “I can’t wait to get back to the desert to play Stagecoach in 2024. It’s going to be one hell of a party.” Miranda Lambert shares a similar sentiment: “There is something so special about playing music when the sun goes down in the middle of the desert. The fans, the setup, the location—there really is no other festival like it.”

Make Your Stay Memorable with Camping

Stagecoach offers more than just a day of music; it offers an entire weekend of community and camaraderie through its camping options. Whether you’re into traditional tent camping or you’re seeking a more luxurious experience, Stagecoach has you covered. And speaking of luxury—why not make your Stagecoach adventure an experience to remember by renting a high-end RV from RV Fun Rental?

Plan Your Stagecoach 2024 Adventure from San Diego with RV Fun Rental

Feeling the buzz yet? If you’re in or near San Diego, the time to plan your Stagecoach 2024 extravaganza is now. Park your car in our secure lot, pick up your deluxe, amenity-rich RV, and let the country music road trip of a lifetime begin. With RV Fun Rental, you’re not just attending Stagecoach—you’re living it.

Young women at Stagecoach Festival

Stagecoach 2024: When, Where, and What You Need to Know

Looking for the ultimate rundown on Stagecoach Festival 2024? You’ve landed on the right page. This is your essential guide that packs all the must-know details about the festival — from who’s taking the stage to how to secure your tickets.

Dates and Location

  • Event Dates: Friday, April 26, 2024 – Sunday, April 28, 2024
  • Location: Empire Polo Field, 81-800 Avenue 51, Indio, California 92201

Line-up Highlights

  • Headliners: Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church
  • Additional Artists: Willie Nelson & Family, Post Malone, Jelly Roll, HARDY, and many more
  • Full Lineup: List of all performing artists

What to Expect Each Day

  • Friday, April 26: Headlined by Eric Church, also featuring Jelly Roll, Elle King, Dwight Yoakam, Carin León, and Paul Cauthen.
  • Saturday, April 27: Led by Miranda Lambert, featuring Post Malone, Willie Nelson, Leon Bridges, Ernest, and Charley Crockett.
  • Sunday, April 28: Morgan Wallen, featuring Hardy, Bailey Zimmerman, The Beach Boys, Megan Moroney, and Clint Black.

What’s New in 2024

  • Rhinestone Saloon Pass: Expanded for 2024, featuring even more specialty food & drink vendors and closer restrooms.
  • Corral Reserved Seating: Updated to provide a more exclusive experience.

Ticket Information and More

Official Ticket Information

Resale Tickets

General Information

  • All passes include a single wristband granting access for all three days.
  • Event features various activities such as HonkyTonk Dance Hall, Half-Pint Hootenanny, a variety of food vendors, and more.
  • Ample shaded rest areas and free water refill stations available.

Pass Specific Information

  • Corral Reserved Seating: A reserved seat in front of the Mane Stage, exclusive access to the Corral Saloon, and more. Updated for 2024!
  • Corral Standing Pit: Access to standing room only pit area in front of Mane Stage.
  • GA & Shuttle Combo: Bundle and save $10. Includes one General Admission Pass and one Any Line Shuttle Pass.

VIP Packages

  • Desert Diamond VIP Package: $2999 + fees (Sold Out)
  • Gold Rush VIP Package: $1999 + fees (Sold Out)
  • Hi Ho Silver Package: $1499 + fees

Restrictions and Age Limits

  • The festival is an all-ages event, but attendees are advised to check specific show age limitations.

Weather, Accessibility, Alcohol Policy, and More

Weather Update: Smart Packing Tips for Stagecoach

Welcome to the desert environment! Expect hot days where temperatures usually range between 32-35°C (low to mid-90s°F), while nights can cool down to around 16°C (60s°F). A quick look at the weather forecast is your best friend for effective festival preparation.


Stagecoach Festival 2024 is dedicated to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all attendees. From on-site ADA wristbands and specialized mobility services to accessible camping spots and shuttle services, the festival has a range of features designed to accommodate patrons with varying needs. Medical facilities and dietary options are also available to ensure everyone can enjoy the festival to its fullest.

Assisted listening devices are also available, contact

For assistance with sign language, large font or braille guides, live captioning or guided tours for people with visual impairments refer to the events effective communication request form.

For a comprehensive guide on accessibility services, visit Stagecoach Festival’s Official Website.

Alcohol Policy at Stagecoach 2024

At the Stagecoach Festival, you must be 21 or older to consume alcohol, and a 21+ wristband is mandatory for purchasing or possessing alcoholic beverages. Anyone under 21 caught with alcohol will be ejected and turned over to the Indio Police Department—no refunds will be issued. Providing alcohol to minors or contributing to their intoxication will also result in ejection without refund and possible arrest. Note that alcohol cannot be taken in or out of the venue, although resort guests 21+ may bring limited quantities into the resort. Please drink responsibly to ensure a pleasant experience for all attendees.

General Festival Inquiries


Additional contact information at their website

Official Stagecoach 2024 App

Download it for the latest schedules and updates, ensuring you make the most of your festival experience.


Navigating Stagecoach 2024: Festival Guidelines, Approved Items, and Restricted Gear

Ready to Make the Most of Stagecoach 2024?

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Why You Need an RV for Stagecoach

Ready to take your Stagecoach experience to the next level?

The Stagecoach festival offers a unique blend of country music, camaraderie, and outdoor excitement. But with the desert sun beating down during the day and the nights filled with live music, an RV becomes your oasis of comfort:

  • Stay Cool: Escape the desert heat in your air-conditioned retreat.
  • Comfort and Convenience: RVs provide a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the festival. You have your own private space to relax, sleep, and freshen up, all within close proximity to the festival grounds.
  • Accommodation: Instead of dealing with the hassle of finding and booking a nearby hotel or campsite, an RV serves as your accommodation right at the festival site. It saves time and eliminates the need for commuting.
  • Cost-Effective: Renting an RV can be cost-effective when you consider the combined cost of accommodation, transportation, and food during the festival. It can often be more budget-friendly than other options.
  • Community Experience: RVs create a sense of community among festival-goers. It’s common for people to gather around, share stories, and make new friends in the RV camping area.
  • Amenities: Many RVs come equipped with amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. This means you have all the comforts of home while enjoying the festival.
  • Flexibility: With an RV, you have the flexibility to come and go from the festival grounds as you please. You can also store your belongings securely in your RV.
  • Unique Experience: It’s a unique and memorable way to experience a festival like Stagecoach. The combination of live music, the festival atmosphere, and the RV lifestyle creates an unforgettable adventure.

An RV at Stagecoach is more than a convenience; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. It’s your home on wheels in the heart of an unforgettable country music festival. Get ready to elevate your adventure!

Stagecoach RV campsite
Georgetown GT5 RV exterior passenger entrance

RV Rental Options Tailored for Stagecoach 2024

Embark on your journey to Stagecoach 2024 in a whole new way! Renting an RV isn’t just a luxury; it’s your personal oasis amidst the whirlwind of performances, art, and festivities. Let us guide you through the RV options that will tailor your Stagecoach experience to perfection!

Discover Your Ideal Stagecoach RV Style: Crafting Your Dream Festival Haven

Selecting the right RV can shape the entire atmosphere of your adventure. Let’s explore your options:

Indulge in Luxury with Class A Motorhomes

Picture a stay in a five-star hotel, but on wheels, parked right by the festival grounds. Class A motorhomes boast opulent interiors, fully-equipped kitchens, and extra living space. If you crave a Stagecoach experience steeped in luxury, a Class A motorhome is your ticket to bliss.

Keep it Effortless and Fun with Class B Motorhomes (Camper Vans)

Ideal for couples or solo travelers, Class B motorhomes offer all the essentials you need. These camper vans are easy to drive and park, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters—the music and the vibes.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Class C Motorhomes

Planning a small group adventure or a family outing? Class C motorhomes blend Class A glamour with Class B practicality. You’ll find unique features like a sleeping area above the driver’s seat, providing a cozy retreat after a day of festival excitement.

Choosing the perfect RV elevates your Stagecoach 2024 experience from good to unforgettable. Whether you seek extravagance or a tranquil sanctuary to recharge, we have the ideal RV option waiting for you.

Spotlight on Our Premium RV Fleet for Coachella 2024

Take your Stagecoach experience to the next level at California’s Premier Country Music Festival with our carefully curated collection of top-tier luxury RVs. Crafted for festival enthusiasts who demand the best, these RVs seamlessly blend the enchantment of Stagecoach with unparalleled comfort and cutting-edge amenities. Get ready to redefine festival glamour—the Stagecoach way!

Amplify Your Festival Experience: RVs Redefining Luxury

Our meticulously chosen RVs go beyond being mere accommodations; they embody the Coachella spirit—vibrant, dynamic, and utterly unforgettable. So why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary?

Prepare for a festival journey that enhances the Stagecoach adventure and propels glamping to new heights!

Inside Your Coachella-Ready RV: Amenities Galore!

Kitchen Convenience

Whether you’re cruising in a Class B or a lavish Class A motorhome, our kitchens are designed to make meal prep a breeze. From quick snacks to gourmet feasts, you have all the options at your fingertips.

Restful Retreats

Our versatile RVs can comfortably accommodate anywhere from 2 to 8 people, catering to couples, friend squads, and families alike. After a day of music and art, sink into a plush bed and recharge for another exciting day.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Stay entertained around the clock with LED TVs and top-notch sound systems in our RVs, ensuring the festival spirit never fades.

Climate Control Comfort

While Coachella Valley can sizzle, inside your RV, you’re in control of the climate. Enjoy heating and cooling options to stay comfortable, regardless of the weather.

Exclusive RV Fun Rental Benefits for Stagecoach 2024

  • 100 Free Miles Daily: Explore without mileage worries.
  • Optional Insurance and Trip Assistance: Travel with peace of mind.
  • Competitive Rental Rates: Experience luxury affordably.
  • Complimentary Secure Parking for Your Car: Leave your car worries behind.
  • Transparent Fees: No hidden cleaning or dumping charges.
  • 24/7 Quote Availability and Home Delivery: Get instant quotes and the convenience of home delivery.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers to all your queries. Your premier California Country Music Festival adventure begins with RV Fun Rental!

Driving to Indio for the Stagecoach Country Music Festival: Plan Your RV Trip

Your journey to Stagecoach Festival 2024 begins as you make your way to the Empire Polo Club, nestled in the scenic Coachella Valley of Indio, California. Whether you’re traveling from nearby cities or afar, we’ve got the directions to get you there smoothly.

From San Diego

  • Route: Take I-15 N and I-215 N to CA-60 E in Riverside County.
  • Scenic Stop: Enjoy scenic views of the Salton Sea along the way.

From Los Angeles

  • Route: Take I-10 E and follow signs for Indio.
  • Scenic Stop: Consider a detour to Joshua Tree National Park for some desert exploration.

From San Francisco

  • Route: Head south on US-101 S, then merge onto I-10 E.
  • Scenic Stop: Explore the beauty of Mojave National Preserve.

From Phoenix

  • Route: Take I-10 W towards California.
  • Scenic Stop: Visit the Sonoran Desert National Monument for a unique desert experience.

From Las Vegas

  • Route: Follow US-95 S to I-10 W.
  • Scenic Stop: Hoover Dam offers a fascinating detour.

General Travel Tips

  • Plan Ahead: Check traffic updates and road conditions.
  • Car Essentials: Carry water, snacks, and an emergency kit.
  • Fuel Up: Fill your tank before hitting the road.
  • Know Your Route: Have GPS or maps handy.
  • Stay Hydrated: It can get hot in the desert, so drink plenty of water.
  • Travel Light: Pack essentials and leave unnecessary items behind.
  • Arrive Early: Aim to arrive well before the festival starts.

Helpful Resources: Mastering Stagecoach Navigation

  • RV Pickup Location: Your adventure kicks off here, complete with a map leading you to Stagecoach.
  • Stagecoach Festival Grounds: Navigate the festival with ease using this handy map.

Now, start those engines and let the Stagecoach journey begin!

Stagecoach Camping Guidelines for an Unforgettable Stay

Choosing Your RV Site: Power vs. Dry Lots

When it comes to RV camping at Stagecoach, you’re spoiled for choice. You can bring your own home on wheels and opt for either a powered or a dry lot. While all RV sites measure 20′ x 50′, powered sites in Lot Yee Haw, 8, 7, 5a, and 10 are equipped to service both 50amp and 30amp RVs. Each RV site comes with eight Resort Wristbands. Please note that the festival admission is separate and not included in your RV site purchase.

New for 2024: Opt for a reserved spot in Lot 8, footsteps away from the festival action. Arrive at your leisure knowing your designated RV site is ready and waiting. All sites in Lot 8 are powered.

Reservation Tips

  • Review all Resort & RV Info & Rules before making a purchase.
  • You can limit your order to one RV site in Lot Yee Haw, 5A, 7, or 10.
  • Alternatively, you can select up to five RV sites in Lot 8 Reserved per customer account.
  • A waitlist will be made available only after the camping spots are sold out.
  • As an added perk, original RV site purchasers will have access to a presale for 2025.
music festival party goers

Campsite Amenities and Services

Stay tuned for updates on amenities, activities, and dining options as the festival date approaches.

Convenience & Comfort

  • Close to Music Venue
  • Venue Re-entry Allowed
  • Sanitary Facilities: Toilets & Hand Wash
  • Complimentary Showers
  • Free Water Stations

Safety & Assistance

  • 24/7 Medical & Security Staff
  • Locksmith On-Site

Connectivity & Charging

  • Camp Lounge WiFi
  • Device Charging Stations

Food & Supplies

  • Vendors for Food & Beverage (TBD)
  • General Store: Camping Essentials, Medicine, Food
    • Open: Thu until 11pm, Fri-Sun 8am-7pm

Transport & Travel

  • Pedal Cabs Available
  • Grocery Shuttles: Free
    • Thu: 3-7pm, Fri-Sun: 7am-1:30pm
  • RV Amenities: Water & Pumping Trucks (Additional fees)

Additional Services

  • Mobile Ice Sales: Fri-Sun, 9am-3pm
  • Food Stalls: Thu 4pm-12am, Fri-Sun 7am-2pm & 7pm-2am

All details are subject to change.

Additional Amenities & Facilities

  • Lot Yee Haw: Enjoy RV sites so close to the festival action that you’re practically inside the venue. Exclusive venue entry points and private amenities are also available.
  • Lot 10: Now with powered spots! Perfect for new moms needing a private space for pumping, with AC power for electric pumps as well as washing stations with soap and sanitizing wipes. Refrigeration and freezer capabilities are also available.
  • ATMs: Conveniently located both inside the venue and in the Resort.
  • Sanitation: Over 300 fully flushable toilets and sinks, along with regularly cleaned porta-potties, are available. Free bathrooms and showers are available in separate male, female, and all-gender trailers, with full private handicap facilities for patrons wearing ADA wristbands.

Guidelines for RV Delivery and Check-In at the Resort

If your RV is being delivered, ensure the person whose name is on the Resort site order is present at check-in; otherwise, entry will be denied. Display your RV parking sticker as instructed to be allowed in. Here are streamlined options for RV delivery:

  • Self-Park Option: Meet the delivery person at a designated spot like a Walmart, then drive the RV to the site yourself.
  • With Own Vehicle: Purchase a Camping Companion Parking pass for your extra car. Meet the delivery person at a remote location, leave your car there, and both of you drive the RV to the site. Once parked, return to your car using the delivery vehicle and park it in the companion lot.
  • Renting/Borrowing Motorized RV: As in option 2, but have a friend drive your extra car to the companion lot. After RV placement, both of you can reunite at the companion lot.
  • Without Own Vehicle: Take a taxi or car service to meet the delivery person. Once the RV is placed, the delivery person can walk to the companion lot for pickup.

Note: Entry will only be granted if the Resort Pass buyer is present at check-in with Festival and Resort Wristbands. No additional vehicles allowed during check-in.

RV Rules for Stagecoach

General Requirements

  • Only RVs, Trailers, or Motorhomes are allowed; no tents.
  • Each RV site can host up to 8 attendees; children under 10 are not included in this count.
  • The individual named in the original booking must be present at check-in, along with all wearing festival and resort wristbands.
  • RV sites are for one livable, self-contained unit with an installed toilet, water holding tank, and sleeping quarters.
  • Decals for the RV and tow vehicle must be properly displayed.

Parking and Tow Vehicles

  • Tow vehicles must be parked in the designated Tow Vehicle lot; no extra fee but no in/out privileges.
  • If you’re towing an additional vehicle or trailer, it should be parked in the Camping Companion Parking area. Pre-purchase the pass.

Electrical and Power

  • Each powered RV site needs an electrical cord between 50-75 feet long. You may buy extension cords at the resort’s General Store or other RV supply outlets.
  • Overloading the 30-amp or 50-amp source will result in warnings and potential disconnection without refund.

Safety and Compliance

  • Maintain fire lanes and emergency vehicle access roads free from obstructions.
  • Your RV should have working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.
  • Portable generators and heating appliances are not allowed; only factory-installed ones may be used.

Community Rules

  • Arrive together to camp together. No saved spaces.
  • For Lot 8 Reserved, spots must be purchased together to camp together.
  • Services like potable water trucks and pumping trucks are available for an extra charge.
  • Original and waitlist RV spot purchasers will have early access to 2025 presales, subject to availability.

Lake Eldorado Rules

  • No smoking in lodges or tents; damages will be billed to your card.
  • Accommodations are first-come, first-served.
  • No additional tents, canopies, or cooking appliances.
  • Resort wristbands are issued per site; Lake Eldorado is restricted to its campers.
  • Swimming in Lake Eldorado is not permitted.

Special Notes

  • RVs with disruptive exhaust may need to shut down generators.
  • Stagecoach is not responsible for any email communication issues.

By following these rules, everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable Stagecoach experience.

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