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With COVID-19 lockdown measures easing everywhere — to get our derailed economy back on track — we all have to learn to live in this new 2-meter distanced society.

Plus, take necessary measures to thwart the transmission of this novel virus.

While our government and concerned health authorities are doing their bit by implementing strict guidelines to make airlines, buses, and trains as safe as possible, campervan remains to be the safest mode of traveling during this pandemic.

Yes, we all are becoming stir crazy at our homes, but heading onto public transport and crowded hotels aren’t the right thing to do.

There is an alternative: traveling in an RV rental in San Diego is a superb way to get out of our boredom while being in self-isolation, with facilities such as kitchen, bed, and even washroom.

But, to ensure a safe journey and the well-being of your family, we need to take more hygiene measures than ever.

A Clean & Hygienic Recreational Vehicle

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As we know, COVID-19 spreads via direct contact with infected people, and medical studies and research suggest that the coronavirus can live on different surfaces for hours and even days.

Here, we’ve curated a worthy guide on effective motorhome cleaning, so let’s check out:-

Step 1: First, wear proper cleaning gloves before entering your recreational vehicle as hand hygiene is of paramount importance to save yourself from the COVID-19 infection.

Step 2: Have several microfiber cloths to clean every nook and corner of the campervan thoroughly.

Don’t wash the cloth with running water in between as the dirt accumulated in such clothes can only be cleaned via the washing machine.

It is advisable not to involve your kids in this activity as they are vulnerable to this novel virus infection.

Step 3: The cleaning products and equipment you use in your house will serve the purpose. Avoid  synthetic cleaners and disinfectants as they may damage the motorhome’s surface.

Step 4: When cleaning the surfaces, avoid accidental water splash via the cloth on yourself. This contains the potential bacteria and viruses you’ve just wiped off.

Step 5: Pay extra attention to the recreational vehicle’s varied areas where the virus can dwell such as-

  • Light Switches
  • Appliances & Equipment Handles
  • Faucets
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Keys
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Steering Wheel and Seat Setting
  • Cabinet Exteriors

Step 6: Carefully vacuum the campervan’s entire flooring, get rid of dust & debris.

Step 7: Make sure you don’t shake the dirty laundry in your recreational vehicle—this considerably curtails the possibility of dispensing the infectious virus in the air.

We must wash the laundry at high temperatures, but it has to correlate with the care instructions.

If you put the laundry into the basket, even temporarily, don’t skip to clean and disinfect it.

Step 8: If you have blankets or rugs in your campervan, clean them thoroughly. Wipe out the pillows and keep it outside in the sun for some time.

Step 9: Don’t forget the random things, such as the coffee table, bike rack, or other extra stuff.

Step 10: Sanitize your hands as soon as you’re done with handling all the cleaning equipment. Avoid touching your face with your hands during the sanitation process; also, wear a face mask.

Final Thoughts

By carrying out the above step-by-step mechanism of cleaning your campervan and taking certain precautions, you can assure your family a safe recreational campervan journey without any concerns.

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