While enjoying your vacation at the park, maintaining your RV in good condition needs some efforts. RV on the road goes through roads and rough terrains that can make it look dull and dirty.

One of the best ways to make sure your rental RV in San Diego delivers unlimited fun is to follow a vehicle maintenance schedule. 

To ensure you have an uninterrupted adventure, we have painted a handy checklist to maintain your RV in a good condition for your next trip. 

1. Wash your RV after a trip

Boost the life of your RV by giving it a regular wash to stay in a tip-top condition. Steps to wash RV are:

  • Seal all the windows, doors, and storage compartments before washing the RV to prevent the water from trickling inside.  
  • Start cleaning from top to bottom, brush the roof first, and clean dirt downward as you wash.
  • After washing, dry RV completely with a towel.
  • Apply the wax, and allow it to dry before wiping off to prevent cracking and fading.
  • Finish with soap cleaning of the tires. 

There are various products for RV cleaning but just like a normal vehicle, any gentle soap will work. 

Pro tip: Don’t use harsh chemicals on your RV. 

2. Check the tires

Before every RV journey, check your RV’s tire lug nuts and tire pressure to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

Lug nuts should be tightened enough to avoid losing a wheel on the road. Besides, it’s important to maintain tire pressure because overinflated tires may burst and can cause an accident. 

Moreover, maintain the sleek, shiny, and black look of tires to make your adventure wagon look better. Wash the tires, scrub them with a brush and cleaner, and finish with a shine spray.

Pro tip: Have a spare tire before setting out for the RV trip. 

3. Pay attention to the brakes

Regular maintenance of your motorhome brake system is crucial to enjoying a safe road trip. Neglecting the brake system can cost you money, could cost you your life, and can ruin the much-awaited weekend trip. 

Maintain the bearings of the wheel and make sure that they are good and greased throughout the trip. Moreover, make sure the brakes have good material left on them so they function properly.

Also, do check the brake linings before your trip to ensure they are free from corrosion and your brakes work smoothly.

4. Drain your RV water system

After your RV adventure, there is no need for water in the tanks. Stale water in the tank can lead to extra cleaning steps before you go for the next trip. Steps to drain your water system are:

  • Turn off your system.
  • Empty your water heater.
  • Open water hot and cold pipes to drain the water.
  • Open your freshwater tank to drain.
  • Turn the water pump on for a minute to flush out the remaining water.
  • Close all the drains and you are done. 

RV water systems need to be drained and cleaned with fresh water. Before refilling the tank, clean the water tank with baking soda to remove the stale smell. 

Pro tip: Clean your RV drains both inside and out.

5. Maintain the RV interiors

Just like the exterior, the interiors need maintenance after an RV trip as well before you go for the next adventure. Steps to clean RV interiors are:

  • Take every item out of the refrigerator to clean it properly.
  • Vacuum or sweep your carpets.
  • Keep a shoe rack outside the RV, to avoid any dust and dirt. 
  • With a vacuum, use the attachment to snag debris from under the cushions and mattresses. 
  • Deep clean surfaces, basins, and bowls with a mild cleaner.
  • Check drawers and containers before and after each trip for messes.
  • Keeping your roof well-maintained.
  • Clean the bathroom with good chemicals.
  • Check your pantry for any items that could stale before your next RV trip.

Pro tip:
While cleaning, open windows for ventilation.

Wrap up

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your RV not only helps you to have a safe and smooth journey, but it also ensures your RV yields a greater return on your expenditure.

It is worth investing some time to maintain your rig in a top condition. Make sure to clean your RV right after a trip to have your wagon fresh and ready for the next adventure. 

Happy RVing!

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