A candlelight dinner, light music in the background, and ambiance draped in tulips, carnations or orchids, and a delectable meal; for many of us, this defines a perfect Valentine’s date.

But for how long you can relish quality time in the same atmosphere? Don’t you think it is time to try something new?

A New Way To Celebrate Your Valentine’s – RVing This Year

Imagine an evening in complete privacy, without internet & other distractions, a quiet place, just you and the love of your life under the moonlight; isn’t it better than dining in a plush restaurant? Well, it is all possible when you rent an RV in San Diego with your Valentine. RVing together is much more romantic than just dining for an evening.

In addition to this, RV rental costs are quite reasonable which won’t hit hard on your pocket while making a priceless moment with your love. This won’t just add to making memories but will help you relish a romantic vacation experience with all comfort and privacy.

Here are a few tips to help you plan –

Pick A Spot-

This is one of the most important things to decide. Look for a quiet place that suits both of you. Many RV rentals in San Diego can help you drive down to a perfect spot without facing much hassle. But yes, make sure you reserve a campground for yourself a bit before the peak season to safely park your RV as well.

Amenities For Convenience-

Here, the amenities would include- blankets, sleeping bags or air mattresses, camping stove, charger, a cooler (if it’s going to be hot there), pillows, battery light. Other than these, you can plan to carry a guitar or a portable music player to make everything look and sound perfect.

A Night In Woods-

Plan to pick a place where you can build a temporary wooden house to spend some quality moments in. If not this, you can ask your RV rental service provider to make arrangements for the same. This will help you enhance your experience of living in a forest area away from all city traffic and chaos.

What’s In The Dinner-

While you are making enough arrangements to stay there, don’t forget the meal. It is completely up to you and your partner if you would like to cook together or want to avoid the hassle. If you wish to cook there, carry required ingredients and if not, then get your favorite packed food to satisfy your hunger pangs on the romantic vacation.

Decoration Is A Must-

Although lighting candles all around the RV may sound beautiful, it would be a bit clumsy if it’s windy outside. To be on the safer and easier side, go for lights. These are easily available in multiple shapes, quick to install, and above all, look more than perfect.

When you have RV rentals in San Diego, there are a lot of places to opt for but all of them may not serve your purpose of planning for a romantic date. In this scenario, our experts can help you find an appropriate place. To know about it, dial 858-245-0936 anytime.