Rain is not something we can control. With unexpected rain, your RV trip for hiking, camping,  and any outdoor adventure may come to a halt. 

Don’t worry! It’s still a win-win situation.  You can enjoy complete comfort and convenience without moving out of your rental RVs in Orange city if it rains.

Herein, we are suggesting the 5 ideas to keep your entire family engaged and to have a great time during a rainy day in your RV: 

1.Binge-watch your favorite movie/show

The idea of a “Binge-watch party” with family or friends sounds interesting, right? If it rains, take advantage of RV’s comfort and snuggle up with your pillows or soft toys on the couch and watch a movie. But don’t forget your favorite cheese popcorns or any quick snack you can cook in the RV. 

If you are not in the mood of watching movies, you can opt for TV shows downloaded from Netflix or any other live streaming website.  Watching movies/shows is the best way to spend quality time away from the endless pouring. 

2.Try a new recipe

Trying a new recipe is a perfect rainy day idea to bring out the MasterChef in you. Take advantage of your RV kitchen and experiment with a new recipe. In case you don’t have enough ingredients, it’s ok! 

Who knows, with a few simple ingredients, you can have a small indoor party even if continues to rain outside. 

Rain may interrupt your campfire fun, but it can’t stop you from enjoying the hot corn soup, noodles, coffee, and so much more. 

3.Cleaning can be fun

Being on the road for days or weeks, your RV tends to accumulate dust and there may be corners where it may get smelly. Cleaning your RV is a great way to introduce some indoor activity on a rainy day and it’s the perfect time to do a thorough cleaning of the interiors. 

Some of the cleaning steps are:

  • Wipe down the tables, windows, mirrors, and drawers.
  • Wipe the refrigerator inside out. 
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Clean mattresses and curtains.
  • Wipe down all appliances, such as a stove, coffeemaker, TV and other gadgets.  

4. Play games with friends and family 

Spend a great time by playing games with your family and friends. Some of the game ideas you can choose from are:

Pass the story: This is an interactive group storytelling activity where one person starts narrating a story and then passes a ball to the other person to keep the story going. Isn’t it interesting?

Minute to win it: This game has a series of 60-second challenges that use commonly available items. For instance, transfer the smarties. In this challenge, each player gets 60 seconds to transfer smarties from one plate to another by using a straw. Whosoever transfers the most, is the winner.

Card games: This is the best travel-sized game to enjoy your indoors with family or friends. 

5. Me Time Is Precious 

Take the full advantage of a rainy day. Spend some “Me Time”. When you see that it is still raining, there can be nothing better than a good book, soft music, and a cup of coffee.  If you have got good internet connectivity, you can read anything you want, and listen to whatever you like online. 

Pursue your hobbies like writing or playing an instrument, anything that brings joy to you. 

What more? 

Groome your nails, try a new hairstyle, or do anything creative.   

Wrap up

A little bit of a shower can’t ruin your RV trip. With proper planning, a little creativity, and following some of the above ideas, you can turn any of the dreadful days into the most memorable day of your road trip!

Enjoy the time with your loved ones. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy yourself despite the rainy-day blues. Live Love Laugh. 

Happy Rainy Day!

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