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Motorhome Rv Rentals

For many years, the old adage was that people that decided to do Motorhome rv rentals or buy Rv’s when they retired just to travel the country were old and tired. While that may have been true for many generations, there is a growing population of those who love motorhome rv rentals or owning and choose it as an active lifestyle. And it’s not just members of the millennial generation who see RV as vehicles for active adventure. People of all ages are using their motorhomes and towables as base camps from which to launch dozens of things to do.

Take Dennis Ohnstad, for example. He’s 66 and recently retired, but you’d never guess by talking to him. The Illinois native now claims South Dakota as his residency, but actually feels home is wherever he can park his 2010 Born Free 26RBA motorhome for a night or two. Most of the time, he travels by himself or a with a group of like-minded adventure seekers. Towing a car behind him, Ohnstad packs two bicycles, two kayaks and a plethora of hiking, running and camping gear with him. “I think kayaking is an incredible activity,” he explained. “I get to paddle to some out-of-the-way places and often have these gorgeous areas all to myself.” Ohnstad tows one kayak for use on rivers, but also owns a sea kayak for use on larger bodies of water, like the ocean or Great Lakes. The boats are very easy for one person to maneuver, unlike larger canoes where paddlers have to fight the center of gravity to push through the water or avoid obstacles.

Bicycling is another activity he enjoys and, again, he packs two different types of bicycles. One has fatter tires for off-road use on dirt trails, while the other has skinny tires for touring on paved roads and bike paths. Having multiple toys gives him flexibility when it comes to choosing places to visit. Having two bikes and two canoes also allows him to bring a friend along, if he chooses.

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His installation of a 250- watt solar panel on the roof of his motorhome and two storage batteries is nice. Ohnstad can stay out up to 11 days before having to return to a campground to dump tanks and take on fresh water. That gives him a lot of options when planning what adventure to enjoy next. “I’m a solo traveler, but I really don’t like RVing by myself. I much prefer being with a group of like-minded people who also enjoy an active lifestyle,” he explained. “I love RVing because you can often show up and connect with others who share the same interests and develop friendships with people literally from all over the world. You just can’t get the same experience sitting at a hotel or a lodge.”

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