nada rv

nada rv

Nada Rv Value – The Value of RVs and Trading in

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Whether you want to sell your RV, or you want to buy a used one; the big question is the same: how to determine the value of an RV. There are a lot of things to consider when determining the value of an RV. Here are some of the points to consider in this case.

The value of an RV has only one direction

Like every other vehicle, RVs lose their values as soon as they are bought. This means that when buying, you are getting it for a lot less than a new one and if you are selling, you are definitely not getting anything close to how much you got it.


These are the factors considered in valuing an RV

  • Make, model and year
  • Size
  • Mileage
  • Engine condition
  • Configuration and interior
  • Number and types of extras


Extras like premiums and improvements such as high-end appliances, air conditioning, solar panels, satellite TV, solar panels and others would increase the value of your RV; however, it may not be financially wise to expect returns on what you put into it.

nada rv

nada rv

Seasons Affect RV Values

Unlike other vehicles, the value of RV tends to be dependent on seasons as it is higher during spring and summer. The exception here would be the retirees who want an RV to migrate south for the winter. To this, you may want to make your adverts specific. Check Your Rv Value


A highly and properly maintained RV would always have a higher resale value. Make necessary repairs and fix up the aesthetics. That should give it a boost. Your Nada Rv Prices and Value


The overall condition of your RV, in general, can either up or lower its resale value. Make sure the appliances are in proper working condition.

Play Up the Perception

Make your RV look so good; it comes across as ready to live in immediately. No potential buyer really want to get any more work done after paying for it.

Check an RV Price Checker – What is my RV Value?

An RV calculator is great for checking the worth of your RV you can check this out at NADA or However, it is important to note that these estimates are not the real value of your RV.

Compare With the Selling Price of Other Vehicles

You can check the value of your RV by comparing with similar vehicles that have been recently sold. You can check this easily on eBay. Run an extensive research to give you an idea of what your RV should be worth.

Finding out the value of your RV can be tricky but, with the improvement tips and using the tools available, you should be able to knock this off.

Kelley Blue Book

You can get a simpler way to price your RVs from Kelley Blue Books. Rv Fun believes that the prices of RVs should be based on the actual selling prices and comparisons in the market. kbb


Many people use the Rv Fun free Appraisal when they want to sell their RVs at Rv Fun; being that it is the largest RV consignment dealer in the US. kbb

Price Guide

The guide prices for used RVs are determined mainly by a percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and because of this, they are not accurate. Rv Fun does not rely solely on book values because they are unreliable. Rv Fun would much rather discuss with you, the value you want to sell your RV.

Selling Price

Rv Fun uses the Kelley RV Blue Books to determine the actual RV selling prices of RVs and then have an indication of a fair market value for your RV.