The festive season is just around the corner, and a holiday trip with family is the best way to celebrate it. A recreational vehicle presents you the freedom to plan your itinerary on your terms; you can go wherever you want to and spend as much time as with no restrictions. 

Further, in the era of COVID-19, travelers feel more safe traveling in an RV rather than flying and staying in an airport. 

So, you have decided to travel by a recreational vehicle; the next step is a mini checklist for your upcoming trip. So, let’s scroll down and check out:-

Is the Size of Your RV Right?

Avoid making the blunder of renting a camper that is too small. Keep in mind that there would be those days — bad weather — when you might have to spend the entire day in the motorhome or even longer. 

Look at the various RVs types, and never book a too small recreational vehicle, especially when traveling with kids. 

If you consider renting a teardrop camper, keep in mind that you’ll have to cook your meal in the open. A class B motorhome is best-suited for a couple with a small child. This RV type features a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for a comfortable stay. 

A class C RV is best for those Rving alone as it is compact but provides additional living space. 

There are Class A motorhomes with all the luxurious amenities like lounge areas, spacious bedrooms, and full kitchen, and often apt for long-distance family trips. 

What is the Weight & Towing Capacity of the RV?

Think about all the bigger things you probably want to tag along, such as camping furniture, bicycles, surfboards, etc. Check if your prospective motorhome has adequate space. 

Note, in some states, there are strict restrictions on the axle loads and permissible total weight. By knowing the towing capacity of your RV,  you probably don’t want to end up renting a recreational vehicle which can even tow a small pop up camper. 

What is the Rental Price of RVs?

At RV Fun Rental, we have different types of RV at the most competitive prices. Typically, the larger the motorhome is, the higher the rent is. Visit our website for the best RV rental prices. We offer great deals and discounts during the holiday season. 

What is The Mileage of the RV?

If you’ve already planned your itinerary, the next step is to calculate the expenses related to your motorhome’s mileage. 

If you plan to drive a lot, different places worldwide, then go with a fuel-efficient RV. Typically, the bigger RVs burn fuel faster, while the compact Class C and Class B motorhomes present more mileage with good acceleration and pickup. 

What about the Insurance and Compensation Costs?

Don’t ignore the fine details, eliminate ambiguity, and ask the RV rentals San Diego company about the contract if you cannot understand any terms or conditions. You must pay close attention to terms like “additional cleaning costs,” otherwise you’ll be surprised with additional costs in your rental bill at the time of returning the recreational vehicle. 

So, thoroughly read the contract, and ask for modification whenever required. Now, coming to the insurance coverage inquire:-

  • What Happens if You Discover Defects Later with the RV?
  • What Repairs Can Be Carried Out on the Way Without Informing the Rental Company?
  • What is the Deductible for Comprehensive Insurance?
Planning to Rent an RV?

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