Rv Rental Consignment



Make Money with Your Rv when you’re Not Using it!

We have started a RvFunRental program that allows you to earn great money from renting your RV while you retain 100% ownership.

Many years ago we decided to rent out our pride and joy since it just sat 99% of the year and we wanted to make some money to pay for some of the expenses.  After some trial and error and some learning experiences, we setup a system that not only paid ALL of our expenses, but GAVE US A PROFIT OF $22K in the first year!  Our success and progress made our friends add their coaches in the rental program too. As the news about our amazing RV rental program with RV owners has grown, so has the need to increase the number of RVs we currently offer for rental. As you’ve probably seen, we have the highest rated rv rental company in the area. So with growing popularity, we have a need for more Motorhomes.

Check our videos on RvFunRental.com and see the love we put into caring for each RV.  We have coaches that have been on rentals for years, that would leave you wondering if they’re brand new. We work with a maintenance schedule which we take seriously because our business is as good as the working condition and appearance of our RVs.


The Highest Rated Rental Company in SoCal – For Years!

Having been in this business for many years, we’ve heard a lot of terrible stories about RV rentals.

We believe an RV is an extremely valuable asset and there are a lot of ways that RV owners can fall into the traps of deceitful companies – we were also a victim when we first started our business.

Our reviews speak for themselves.

Angel Ayala

Matt was super easy to work with, followed through on his promises, delivered a presentable and well prepped RV, and all of this helped make our family trip an unforgettable one. Thank you Matt and we will definitely be renting from you again soon! -Ayala Family




Mike Zundel

Matt was fantastic, meeting me on my schedule both for check out and return. He had the RV set up individually for what we requested and what was best for our situation. He was a wealth of knowledge and always quick to respond to questions when we were on the road. I highly recommend working with Matt and his well maintained RVs.



Our family of four had an excellent experience renting Matt’s Tioga. It was the perfect RV for our first time week long camping adventure. There was plenty of storage and it met all our needs. It easily navigated Highway 1 and comfortably helped us travel from Oceanside to Big Sur and back. Matt was super nice and always very responsive. We would definitely rent from him again. We are hooked!





















And many, many more!……


Some things to put you at ease you can relax and enjoy while the cash rolls in…

Reports. At the end of each quarter, we will make sure to provide you with a detailed performance report about your RV. This details will include, the number of rentals for that period, and total revenue we have generated in connection with your RV.

The Highest Possible Rental Rates and Income. Our rental software automatically quotes the highest rates the market will allow for each vacation. While we are considered more on the luxury end of the rental segment in our area, we can still price competitively keeping most rv’s fully booked during the high season.

Visible Internet Calendar Anytime. We have done this to ensure transparency between you and us and you can see

Your RV could cover its own cost AND you can pocket some great CASH

At Rvfunrental, we are currently seeking to increase the number of our high quality motorized RVs we have, and we hope to bring this business and its many benefits to you.

Our RV rental program will earn you thousands of dollars per year in NET revenue and even allow you to use and enjoy your RV anytime you want – You retain 100% ownership and control!

Security is a priority to us! We ensure to keep your RV in the safest manner possible.

What we will do:

While you handle your normal daily activities, we will handle your RV for you, including reservations, responsible use. Also, we’ll manage detailed cleaning and scheduled maintenance servicing from time to time.

Our rental program comes with no hidden fees, or payments whatsoever to join in. Our goal is to ensure you earn, why take money from you again?

All you have to do is let us rent your RV and we split the profit on a 50/50 basis. Isn’t that amazing?

The profits generated can pay for a lot of things including, insurance, registration, fees and taxes, and you still get to keep thousands of dollars at the end of every calendar year.

You don’t have to lift a finger in the business, it’s all done for you. We do the advertising, arrange the rental, collect the money, ensure standard maintenance on your RV in the same condition you provided the RV to us, make repairs, store it, and supply you with year-end tax reports.

Other Benefits!

In addition to the benefits described above, you may also qualify for other benefits which includes

  • Depreciation – Our owners currently adopt a 5-year depreciation schedule for income tax purposes. You may be entitled to up to 50% for the first two (2) years.
  • Expenses – You will also be able to make deductions on all rental expenses, including insurance premiums, routine maintenance, or upgrade that may be done to your RV. All of the earlier mentioned will be regarded as business expenses, and this will help you reduce other personal tax liabilities you may have accrued.
  • Why you are a Business Owner – Our Rental RV Owners have established a simple limited liability Company which makes their RV a business asset.

We strongly recommend that you first contact with your own tax advisor to get more clarity so that you can get the maximum benefit.


How we make sure your RV is loved and cared for

  • From our experience, this is the biggest issue RV owners face. They always want to be sure their Coach is not going to handled improperly or messed up. As stated earlier, that is why we take our time to make sure that only responsible families get close to our RVs. This is the biggest concern of RV owners. We have made our rental program such that the renter is responsible for the proper use of the RV, and it is their responsibility to deliver the RV to us in the same condition it was rented. Renters are only spared in cases where there are normal wear and maintenance item.
  • We do a DMV check on EVERY SINGLE RENTER. Most other rental companies skip this step!! What?? How could you rent a $100k rig to a stranger without knowing how many points, etc is on their driving record? DUI?—Forget it! Only good drivers allowed. We also take our time to screen each and every renter application before confirming a reservation to them. We make sure to obtain and verify their addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license information, auto insurance information and any other information that seems pertinent to the background of each and every renter that rents our RVs.
  • We make sure to inform every renter about the coach and ensure they sign an itemized orientation and safety checklist before approving their rental request. Before they use the RV, we take our time to personally inspect the coach with the renter to verify that the RV is properly working fine before they depart.
  • We have made a Rock Solid RV Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions which every renter must first read, and sign that they clearly understand the terms and expressly agree to the term and that they will comply with it.

The rental agreement we require from EACH and EVERY RENTER has been made to protect you, your RV, and Us, from any problem or liability that may arise as a result of the rental. This Agreement clearly spells out the Renter’s liability and responsible use of the RV.

  • As we have mentioned earlier, We make sure that the RV is properly cleaned, filled with fuel and water and thoroughly inspected before it leaves. We also take photographs of every area that have been checked be the RV is allowed to leave our premises. So the renter signs that it has received the RV in good condition and will return it in the same condition.
  • We also demand a $1250 – $1500 (minimum) security deposit in case its needed. Our rv’s do NOT leave the lot without the deposit in hand. We usually have up to three business days to check up on the RV after it has been returned to ensure it is in good condition before refunding the security deposit.


How about when I want to use my Coach?

Our answer is yes, camp away!! You get to use your coach at any time you want. All you have to do is to visit our online reservation calendar and know when your coach will be available. Once you’ve done that, simply let us know when you want to use it and we will make sure to reserve the date you provide to us.

We will make sure that your coach is immaculately clean, has a full tank of gas, water and propane. We’ll test the RV appliance for you before it leaves our premises. We expect you to return it in the same conditions that we gave it to you so that we can continue to provide our services to you. We can also handle your return interior at a low fee which will reflect in your next monthly statement.

I hope people won’t smoke in my coach?

Our answer is big NO! WE DO NOT TOLERATE SMOKING AND THAT HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN THE AGREEMENT. Once a renter returns the coach, we make sure to test it, and as well check if any smoking activity has occurred. Should we find out that the renter has smoked in the Coach, the renter will be liable will be liable for a cleaning and deodorizing fee plus the cost of repairing damages that may have been done to the Coach. (This is where the Security deposit comes in handy).

Do you verify those that drive the coach?

Our Answer is YES! Only the renter or such person designated at the time of reservation is allowed and responsible for driving the coach. To drive any of our RVs, the driver must be at least 25 years and will be required to provide us with his/her full name, address, social security # and a valid driver’s license with expiration date. The renter clearly understands that it is responsible for damages and repairs which may arise as a result of carelessness, or negligence on their part, designated additional driver, or an unauthorized driver. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Won’t I need special motorhome insurance?

Our Answer is No. We require renters to provide us with a certificate of insurance binder from their own auto insurance company prior to departure or we provide them with a separate commercial policy from our partner insurance company.

In rare occasions, where we request that an insurance claim needs to be filed, the renter’s Company will be responsible for providing renter coverage.

Can I use my RV whenever I want?

RvFunRental Owner Rental Program is 100% opt-in. There are NO LIMITATIONS OR RESTRICTIONS on owner use. Of course, if you use your RV during all holidays and all summer it will severely limit your rental revenue. Some of our best rv’s with great layouts generate over $30k in revenue each year if rented during the high season!


When you are ready to sell or upgrade your RV we can help!!

YES! We can help you sell your RV or consult you on the best upgrade for maximum rental profit and what works for you.

On select rental units that we have listed for sale, we’ve developed an incentive program where we provide potential buyers with a medium to rent an RV and apply the rental amount to the total purchase price of the RV. This is more of a test drive for them, allowing them to enjoy the RV lifestyle and establish their confidence in purchasing one.

This gives you a win-win situation for you.

What’s the next step?

Call us at 858-245-0936 or email RvFunRentals@gmail.com.  We will professionally manage your RV, collect the rental fees & deposits and generate an itemized statement & commission check all for you.

Please Note: We are not able to accept coaches over 10 model years old.- but we appreciate your interest.