Rv Rental Consignment Program – Rv’s Wanted to Make Cash for You

Rv Fun Rental’s Rental Fleet Program (RFR) is San Diego’s top reviewed rv rental consignment program. Whether you currently own an RV or you’re planning to buy one, you can derive substantial income from it. Contact us at 858-245-0936 today to obtain more details about enrolling, and start getting paid to be a responsible owner.

We are dedicated to maintaining all luxury RV rental units in impeccable condition, inside and out.  Your Rv is safe with us.

What are the Revenue Benefits to You?

Whether the costs of ownership have become burdensome, you simply don’t use your motorhome enough to justify owning it, or you have upgraded your coach but have not sold your previous RV, RFR’s fleet program may be the answer. Our motorhomes are truly five star mobile suites which can go pretty much anywhere you can. Each RV generates its own electricity and can carry enough water, fuel, and propane to support a family of six for almost five days without refilling or refueling. Try that in a tent. RV Rental Consignment that pays you!

Active units enrolled in our rental fleet program generally receive 20-30 weeks of rentals, generating enough revenue to offset, or in many cases to completely cover the costs of ownership.

How RV Rental Consignment Works

The Ways RvFunRental Consignment Helps You

  1. You park your RV at our lot while we safely monitor it in our secure lot in Oceanside, CA
  2. You make money on a portion the profits
  3. We do the marketing, talk and deal with the renters, collect the $, perform scheduled maintenance, watch over it, and update you with reports often.
  4. Since you actually will turn a profit after paying all RV expenses, you can enjoy tax deductions!
  5. You don’t have to do anything except watch the money roll in with your rv money tree.
  6. 99% of the time our owners make enough money to make your monthly payments, & pay the registration, pay the insurance, & pay for oil changes, & pay for storage, & most likely make a bunch of extra cash to spend on whatever you want!!!
  7. Some of our owners have found that it makes sense to buy a second or third rv since its a great revenue stream for very little effort.

How do I Enroll in the Rv Rental Consignment Program?

Enrollment in the RV Fun Rental Consignment program is surprisingly easy! Owners just supply the RV and we take care of the rest. We have the clientele, the experience, and the most stringent screening process in the industry. RFR will manage the unit, collect the rental fees and deposits, and generate an itemized statement and commission check each month. Call or TEXT 858-245-0936 for more info today!

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RV Rental Consignment