rv rental consignment

rv rental consignment by RvFunRental


If you have an RV and you want to join a Rv Rental Management Program, just take a brief look at our business opportunity. You will not need to sell anything. All you just need to qualify for the program as an RV.

Indeed, if you are an RV owner and you do not have time for the rental process management, just contact us.  We will help you know how you can make more money for ownership. We have created a special program that will ease the stress that an RV owner may pass through. And, we can handle everything, while we provide entrepreneurs with an amazing franchise opportunity.

Make Passive Income the Easy Way!

First, if you are an entrepreneur in search of Rv Rental Management Programs, give us a call to know how you can get a business built in your industry. We also have a wonderful turn-key program that has been designed to ease the stress that an RV owner may pass through and also handle the whole work, while we provide entrepreneurs with easy income on their assets.

In addition, if there are any available RV owners, our local Rental Manager will contract them rent RV’s out and make money from that asset that has been tagged as “idle”. A turn-key and safe rental process are covering the whole process.

And finally, as an RVRM (RV Rental Manager), you will ensure that every inventory that is available in your market area is being managed. Your targeted inventory will be obtained from different means, such as RV dealers, repair facilities, storage locations, and many others. Rv Fun Rental’s Rv Rental Management Program is the best choice.

rv rental management

The average income for one RV rental

Below are the average earnings that are expected from a  Rv Rental Management Program :

  • Newer 26 coach with 4-6 sleeps – average ($140/night)
  • Pick-up fees/ set up/ $200
  • Cleaning fee $99
  • Minimum – 2-nights winter 5 nights summer

What is the responsibility of an RV Rental manager?

There are 3 responsibilities of the Rv Rental Management Program Manager, and they are as follows.

  1. Manage RV inventory: obtain the inventory from RV repair store, storage facilities, and many more. Rv fun Rental handles the consignment program
  2. Check-in and out process: Your rv would be checked in and at the same time, checked out. Some of the process involved in checking-out includes repairs, scheduling of cleaning, and maintenance.
  3. Delivery/Set up: If the renters order for it, we will get it delivered to them and will also set it up at your nearby locations: private homes, weddings, events, and local campgrounds.

What our RV Rental Management program offers RV owners?

Finally, as an RV owner, working with us will guarantee you many revenues from your idle assets. We will do everything within our power to ensure that we market your RVs and find get people to rent them.