So, packing for an RV trip? Does it feel like you have twice or thrice more stuff than space in your campervan? 

It’s tough to imagine how you’ll be able to fit all the clothes, sanitary essentials, food, and movable furniture (not to mention the kids and your furry friend).

Well, you’re not alone, even those having the largest  RVs find themselves in the middle of a space crisis.

Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up three effective campervan storage hacks that let you pack more into your small RV space.

1.Keep Only What You Need

Prepare a list of stuff you need to maximize your RV storage space. Check each item on the list and determine whether it is necessary for your road trip or not.

Some of the essential items in your RV include a first-aid kit, clothes, kitchen utensils, towels, and toiletries. Also, keep in mind, if anything else is necessary, then you might reduce the quantity of the things. Additional dishes and cups can take up a lot of extra space. 

Ideally, have a limit for how many things each person can bring to the recreational vehicle. Yes, towels are necessary, but does one person have to bring five to six towels? All these details should be sorted out before packing off to the next road trip. 

2. Get Things Organized

Organizing your recreational van’s living space is inevitable to enjoy a comfortable road trip. In a space-constraint setting, a stray sock or an unwanted home appliance can prove to be annoying. Here are some quick hacks to get your RV organized:-

  • Use Wall Space For Storing & Organization

Use the wall space of the recreational vehicle to hang shelves or bags for storing veggies and fruits in your kitchen. This way you can save valuable counter space.

  • Turn Vertical Spaces Into Storage

Mug and command hooks are a necessity when organizing your recreational vehicle. The mug hooks can hang wire baskets. With magnetic hooks, we can use even the refrigerator as a storage for all kinds of kitchen supplies.

  • Look For Empty Spaces

There are several cool ideas to turn the empty spaces to store things. For example, use the microwave as storage, put things in the kitchen sink, or even the bathtub when it is empty.

3. Repurpose Items

Maximizing storage space in a recreational vehicle involves a little bit of creativity. Numerous items can be repurposed to better organize the RV living space such as-

  • We Can Also Use Paper Towel Holders as Garbage Bag Rolls or Plastic Wraps.
  • We Can Employ a Hanging Shoe Rack. Hang One in the Closet To Store Rolled-Up Towels, Socks, or other Accessories.
  • A Magazine Rack Can Hold All Kinds of Stuff in Your RV Such as Chargers, Napkins, Flashlights, Etc.
  • We Can Reuse Old Containers and Boxes for the Storage Purpose.

Let us know what you think about these tips in the comment section. Also, if you have any other space-saving tip, then share it with us right away!

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