Rent Your RV for money with RvFunRental !

Rent Your RV for money with RvFunRental !


Do you have Rv Rental Consignment Questions? This year alone would see over 400,000 families owning an RV, this puts RV ownership at a height that has not been reached since the 1970 and, it has been on a steady rise for the past 7 years. While a lot of families enjoy their RVs, they simply cannot afford to use it as much as they wish then left with millions of RVs going into storage. To evade storage cost, many RV owners look to RV consignment programs. This can be difficult to understand, but, with the right information, this program can work and even give you an extra income. Here is how:

Renting Out My RV- What to Expect

The idea of RV consignment was born from RV owners being unable to use or rent out their RVs on their own. Many dealerships jumped at this chance, and with their rental services already in place, it was easy to continue. As a result, we see tons of consignment programs all over the nation. However, issues have risen with how these companies operate which leave a hole in the wallet. Typically, this program should go like this:

  • Your RV will get assessed by the dealership for viability. Many companies will offer to house your RV in storage provided it rents every month. This means that if it does not rent, you end up paying for that month’s storage.
  • The dealership would do all of the advertising and marketing for you. Plus, there are more chances of rental at the dealership since they get more traffic.
  • You will be able to use your RV whenever you want. Although, this may not always be the case as the company handles all the scheduling. You will have to give an advanced notice to use your RV.
  • The company would insure your RV; however, you will be charged for a liability cover purchase. A damage deposit would also be collected by the company from renters.
  • All rental consignment companies would tell you that you can make money by renting your RV through them, the truth is; they are taking a large helping out of how much you make from your RV rental. What’s more? If your RV fails to rent out in a month, you get to pay them. It is no wonder RV owners are looking for alternatives. rv rental consignment.

 Rent Your RV for money with RvFunRental ! Rv rental consigmentRent Your RV for money with RvFunRental ! Rv rental consigment

RV Rental Consignment vs. Rvshare / Outdoorsy / P2P (peer to peer programs)

rv rental consignment – The major issue with the rental consignment is the cost and control. Basically, people balk at the idea of giving full control of their property over to someone else and even paying for it too. With RVshare / Outdoorsy / P2P programs and ,  systems were developed to help you keep full control over your property while still turning a profit. This is how it goes:

  • RV owners are regarded as more like small business owners. You are given a platform to advertise and, rent out your RV from wherever; and, you set all the rules and relate directly with your renters. rv rental consignment
  • Our resources include rental insurance of up to $1million, roadside assistance for renters and screening for potential renters before approval.
  • Listing is completely free. rv rental consignment

Let your RV make you money  – Call to start making money with YOUR RV Today! Call or Text  858-245-0936 for rv rental consignment

Rent Your RV for money with RvFunRental ! RV rental consignment

Rent Your RV for money with RvFunRental ! Rv rental consigment

If you do not have the time or finances to use your RV as much as you want, why not rent it out? You will be making money while maintaining full control of your RV. Why not try it today? Check out some of the testimonials and see for yourself. rv rental consignment